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Police committing crimes against the innocent warrants the use of ….

February 5, 2014

When they terrorize an innocent family and ransack their home, they are committing a violent crime while armed. It’s not a mistake. (Leaving the cap off the toothpaste is a ‘mistake’.) The police are using force when none is needed. Lack of empathy for the average, innocent citizen leads disconnected cops to use unwarranted force.

Expecting the population to simply submit to Gestapo-like tactics is unreasonable.

When the police commit these acts of violence, even when an innocent is killed, there is always an effort to downplay it as a mistake. “We’re conducting an investigation into what happened.”

For God’s sake ! They went in with a SWAT team for suspected credit card fraud !

That there might be a firearm in the house could be used as an excuse to militarize every call they go on, because WE ALL HAVE GUNS.

If an armed group of citizens were to team up to forcefully ‘remove’ a wayward police chief and his wife from a restaurant because they ‘heard’ his credit card was ‘iffy’ and then searched them and their car for 30 minutes and then say, “Whoops, my bad, ” do you think it would end right there?

It’s time these assholes experienced some consequences.


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