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Those underpaid foreign laborers make pretty good stuff …

July 14, 2016

Do protesters demanding a higher minimum wage understand ‘consequences’ and the domino effect? Are the protesters actually minimum wage workers?

If you are given what you need from the very start with no regard to your qualifications or work history, where is the motivation to stay at one job, do a good job, and accumulate an impressive resume?

A mandatory, “livable”, minimum wage will undermine the motivation to get a higher education.

Minimum wage jobs are ‘starter’ jobs where you prove your worth to your employer and future employers. They are the first rung on the ladder.

When budgets for wages and salaries become bottom heavy with higher minimum wages, it reduces the budget for wage increases and promotions for proven workers.

There is no automatic increase in customer traffic and sales to cover the wages increased by legislation.

If adopted nationwide, I foresee labor legislation which will forbid common sense questions on job applications and make it very difficult to fire unproductive workers.

Higher wages motivate companies to build factories overseas or hire foreign companies to provide parts. Even small, home-based craftsmen buy their materials from overseas.

It is not unpatriotic to do what has to be done to survive in business.

Electronic kiosks don’t require health care. They don’t complain or make claims against the employer. They don’t strike.

Those underpaid, foreign laborers make pretty good stuff and they are out of the protesters’ reach.

Employers should compete for the better qualified workers and not be bogged down by a higher expense for inexperienced workers.

Pay should be by merit and at the total discretion of the employer.


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