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You’re not working because …

December 2, 2016


the government is confiscating the money a business would use to expand and hire you.

It’s too easy to sell “Tax The Corporations!” to the ignorant and to people who believe in wealth redistribution – BECAUSE THEY DON’T SEE IT BEING TAKEN OUT OF THEIR PAYCHECKS. Some vague entity is coughing it up. “Why should I care? It’s not coming out of my pocket.”

I think it’s wrong for the government to take its cut off the top before that money can be used to expand businesses conduct research, create jobs, and improve compensation.

If that money were to be used as it should and the government were to try to collect from the people what it collected from the corporations the people would be angry about their wealth being confiscated. Every earner would see it coming out of his paycheck and every April 15th would help reform the “tax everything that moves” legislators.

There is too much wealth being confiscated.

Only people should pay taxes.

The corporate tax rate should be ZERO.


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