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Peaceful, anonymous pressure …

October 12, 2017

The fans’ quiet, peaceful, anonymous pressure on the NFL players, the teams, the entire industry and its advertisers is being felt. They will eventually cave. But that’s small potatoes. The power in refusing to spend money, in refusing to participate can be applied to much bigger things. Incrementally.

We can do it without any politicians. It doesn’t cost a single penny.

Think like John Galt, the master of strikes, the master of peaceful absence.

THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. Anyone who became rich in the entertainment industry did so by pleasing us. Now they are angering many of us. Refuse to watch anything that employs an anti-American singer, musician, actor, director, TV host …

Even if the person who angers you doesn’t care, her advertisers will.

Turn off their money faucet. Find another use for your money and your time until they change. You put money in the bank, while they lose money.

Keep track of the people that offend you. Check the TV shows, movies, and music downloads against that list and refuse to spend your money and time on them

It won’t take long. You’ll eventually get your entertainment back, but they’ll be much quieter.

The little guys can force the millionaires to change. Bottom lines matter. It doesn’t take much of a hit to their cash flow before the investors and owners react.

“Cobbler, stick to thy last.”


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