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Could liberal fanatics in our government …

February 19, 2018

Since the Parkland, FL shooting, everyone has been talking about the FBI, Dept of Justice’s incompetence. And then I remembered Operation Fast and Furious. That wasn’t incompetence.

Could liberal fanatics in our government …?

There’s a possibility that Liberal Fanatics in the FBI purposefully quashed any action against Cruz thinking another school shooting would give a push to the Liberals’ anti-gun agenda. It is consistent with the Fast and Furious scheme to get Americans and Mexicans killed with guns purchased in America to set the stage for anti-gun laws. (Those guns are still turning up at crime scenes.)

Did the FBI employees who handled the Cruz information also have a connection to Operation Fast and Furious?

Did ANY FBI DOJ employee say, “We have to do something.” If so that person should contact Jeff Sessions, be protected, and testify before Congress under oath.

FBI employee, watch your back.

The answer is YES, they could, because they already have.


During the Obama administration, under the leadership of Attorney General Eric Holder, the ATF / DOJ conducted Operation Fast and Furious to permit “gun walking” and straw purchases in order to flood Mexico with American guns (into the hands of the drug cartels). The gunshops were ‘talked into” cooperating and keeping quiet. The scheme was uncovered when one of the guns was used to kill Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Before Terry’s death Mexico complained that many Mexicans were getting killed with guns that came from America. In America, the liberals (on cue) loudly campaigned for gun control which resulted in restricted sales of ARs in all the border states. The plan was working until Agent Terry was murdered.

There are still liberals loyal to Obama and Holder and the liberal agenda in the DOJ.


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