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Defend Your Neighborhoods …

August 26, 2020

Disparity of force, being terribly outnumbered, or overpowered, justifies the use of deadly force if you are in fear of great bodily harm or death.

The mobs have shown themselves to be unpredictable, deadly threats. If they are carrying weapons and torches and cans of gasoline they are NOT protesters. You don’t have to wait until your house is set on fire or they drag a family member out of your house before you open fire. We all have the right to use deadly force to defend ourselves and our homes. You can’t prevent someone from torching your home if you stay inside it. Arm yourselves and stand your ground.

The destructive mobs are expanding into the suburbs. People who are concerned about the mobs coming to their area should talk with people in their neighborhood and in the surrounding neighborhoods to find out who is willing to come armed to each other’s aid if summoned. Create cell phone texting lists of those who are willing. Get a bullhorn, body armor, and bullet resistant panels.

Organizing a defense is something you have to do NOW before the need arises. It’s time to get to know who you can count on in your neighborhood.

If you know they’re coming TEXT your neighbors! Don’t face them alone. Do it once as a drill.

If an armed mob comes to your neighborhood warn the mob with the bullhorn that you will shoot if they approach with torches, fireworks, or gasoline or attempt to harm anyone. Tell them to leave. Keep warning them.

DO NOT engage in hand to hand combat. Shoot from a distance from behind cover. Do not shoot people who are running away.

Talk to your neighbors and May God be with you.


Why am I (a nobody) writing this? Because I haven’t heard or read anything about what WE can do. We’ve all see what happens when the police are the only ones standing against the mobs: the communities get burned down and the police get hurt because they are overwhelmed. Add to that that they’ve been ordered to not use deadly force against people who are using deadly force. Bricks and firebombs are deadly. The authorities are refusing to do what’s necessary: draw a line and enforce it. They are putting the police in harm’s way with no commitment to being effective.

To save our communities WE must draw that line and defend it.

So far we’ve see no effective prevention. The most they are willing to do is try to ID the people who harm us, find them, and put them in jail AFTER we are hurt and AFTER our buildings and livelihoods are destroyed. If we want prevention – we’ll have to do it ourselves.

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