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Unraveling Globalization …

America is thriving again because Donald Trump kept his promises. He did not come up through the political ranks to be molded into a ‘gotta please everybody, don’t upset anybody’ politician.

Domestically, he’s putting Americans first. He’s removed government obstacles to innovation, expansion, profitability, competition, and ambition. The result is job growth and record unemployment across the board.

In foreign policy, he’s putting America first. He is rightfully using America’s economic and military strength for AMERICA’S benefit.

President Trump is Unraveling Globalization by pulling out of multinational trade agreements, dealing with competitor nations individually, matching tariffs, encouraging repatriation of American industry abroad, and enabling domestic industry.

Trump is mashing the American Independence RESET button.





Zero Tolerance for illegal aliens. Call ICE …

The Attorney General has announced a ‘zero tolerance’ policy for illegal immigration.

Sessions has ordered attorneys to prosecute every possible case of illegal entry.

If you know the whereabouts of an illegal alien, especially an illegal who has previously been deported, call ICE at (866) 347-2423.

Report Crimes, Suspicious Activity, and Suspected Child Exploitation
(866) 347-2423

Or, fill out this form (note that you are not required to fill out the fields that identify you. You can remain anonymous.)

Post this wherever you can.

Democrats (now openly Socialists) are …

the enemy of the American Way of Life and the MSM is their propaganda wing.

Trump was exactly the guy America needed to revitalize America.

He’s succeeding. I want him to continue.

I want more Reps and Sens elected who will support his efforts.

In November I will vote for a Conservative I think will enthusiastically back Trump (to replace Kuster (D-NH 2nd District)

Democrats / Socialists would bring the successes we are enjoying to a halt, and REVERSE THE TREND by:

  • Increasing Government Control in All Aspects of Life and Promoting Socialism
  • Wealth Confiscation
  • Wealth Redistribution
  • Reducing Freedom
  • Bypassing and Ignoring The Constitution
  • Increasing Burdensome Regulations
  • Imposing Costly Mandates
  • Controlling Information
  • Controlling The People
  • Deceiving The People
  • Controlling Business
  • Using the EPA as a Political Weapon
  • Using the IRS as a Political Weapon
  • Promoting Global Citizenship
  • Ending Anything Resembling AMERICA FIRST
  • Opening Our Borders
  • Using the Schools to Indoctrinate Children to Socialism
  • Redacting and Rewriting History
  • Bribing the Gullible and Endlessly Vilifying Those Who Do Not Cooperate

They’ve done all of it before and they want it all to become the de facto LAW Of The LAND.

Voting Democrat (Socialist) shows the voter’s desire for the above, because without exception, that’s what Democrats/Socialists push for when they assume office.

Build THE WALL …

Every day as an illegal alien aggravates the crime of being here illegally. That should mean increased prison time and then deportation.

What other crime is rewarded for doing it every day?

“Hey thief ! You got away with stealing 365 days in a row before we could catch you. Congratulations ! That qualifies you to keep what you’ve stolen!”

The liberals are desperate to keep the illegals here, to give them voting rights in local elections to get their foot in the voting door, and then go for the gold – voting in state and federal elections. They’re already open about it.

With a big, beautiful wall, border jumpers will be slowed to a trickle. But there are millions of illegals hiding among us. We need many more ICE agents to track down the ones who’ve made it into the interior, and the visa overstayers, and round them up.

The remittances to Mexico by illegal aliens/workers would easily cover the cost of THE WALL. Every year tens of $billions of untaxed dollars (off the books) are transferred out of our country. We should tap into those remittances. With the illegals’ money we can have the best wall money can buy.

If Americans had those jobs their wages would be spent locally and none of it would leave the country.


We do not want an open border with Mexico.

Mexico is a cesspit of corruption. In its most recent election cycle the drug cartels slaughtered over 130 political candidates who were for law and order. In many elections, that left only cartel-approved candidates on the ballot.

We must do everything in our power to seal our southern border.

The Mexican cartels and the Mexican government are in the human trafficking business. There are towns in Mexico whose raison d’etre is drug smuggling and human trafficking.

They charge migrants access to our border. It’s good income for the cartels and corrupt government officials. These people are robbed, raped, and killed along the way.

I want THE WALL built and I want its existence to be broadcast throughout Central America.


A well-built wall is 24/7. It’s not political. It doesn’t discriminate. It can’t be intimidated or murdered. Bullets and rocks can’t harm it. It doesn’t earn benefits or a pension.


WHEN Roe v Wade is overturned …

WHEN (not if) Roe v Wade is overturned, It will not result in a nationwide ban of abortion.

It will divide the country into baby-kill states and baby-sanctuary states.

The Socialist Movement in America …

The socialist movement should frighten you.

The monsters of the world have always rallied angry people with false promises, gained power, and then made changes “for the good of all people”. After gathering the power for themselves and reducing the power of the people they committed unbelievable atrocities. All the monsters were socialists.

Don’t let socialism take root here.

The American socialists leaders are not going to join hands with the people to sing Kumbaya. They are leading the people they have whipped into anger. Do you want krystallnachts, pogroms, purges? Those are the tools of socialists in power. And you can kiss the Bill of Rights good-bye.

Close the Detention Centers …

It’s time to stop assisting the invaders.

President Trump, Close the Detention Centers …

The illegal aliens are using our immigration and criminal justice systems as a wedge to keep the door open into our country. We need to eject them from our country IMMEDIATELY, upon capture, by the officers who catch them – no processing, no detention, no separation of families members. They are all shown the door together. We should not be detaining them. Deny them the status of being detainees.

When we detain people we take on the burden of caring for them. DON’T allow that process to start. Don’t give them that status. Do not accept custody of them.

If we don’t keep them at all, we don’t need detention centers.

To do that we need a wall of people to cover the border while THE WALL is being built. We need to quickly hire many many more people to guard the border to prevent people from entering illegally, and WE NEED THAT WALL !

Most of the illegals are either from Mexico or they are coming through Mexico with the permission of the Mexican government. The Mexican government is wrong to provide access to America’s border. If we totally plug the holes in our border, Mexico will be forced to deal with the people they’ve allowed to reach our border. Motivate Mexico to do something about it.

It’s time to stop the invasion. Detention centers are just another way in.