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Illegal aliens and drug traffickers …

Illegal immigration and the flow of drugs across the border became a national emergency because only token efforts were made against them in the past. The Dems happily and mistakenly thought that the illegal immigrant situation had become too big for anyone to do anything about it. They assumed it had reached critical mass and that they could use it to force changes upon us.


The lives of the American People are more important than the lives of the invaders and the drug runners.


The wall will force the illegal aliens and the drug runners to cross through longer stretches of the deadly desert terrain. That will discourage many from trying. For those who try, it will slow them down and more of them will be intercepted and deported.

A well-built wall is 24/7. It’s not political. It doesn’t discriminate. It can’t be intimidated or murdered. Bullets and rocks can’t harm it. It doesn’t earn benefits or a pension.

But there are millions of illegals hiding among us. We need many more ICE agents to track down the ones who’ve made it into the interior, and the visa overstayers, and round them up. Every day spent here as an illegal alien aggravates the crime of being here illegally. Each day should count toward increased prison time before deportation.

The remittances to Mexico by illegal aliens/workers amount to BILLIONS of untaxed dollars (off the books) transferred out of our country. We should tap into those remittances.

If Americans had those jobs their wages would be spent in America.

We do not want an open border with Mexico.

Mexico is a cesspit of corruption. In its most recent election cycle the drug cartels slaughtered over 130 political candidates who were for law and order. In many elections, that left only cartel-approved candidates on the ballot.

We must do everything in our power to seal our southern border.

The drug cartels and the Mexican government are in the human trafficking business. There are towns in Mexico whose raison d’etre is drug smuggling and human trafficking.

They charge migrants access to our border. It’s good income for the cartels and corrupt government officials. These people are duped and robbed, raped, and killed along the way.

THE WALL IS A GOOD THING. I want it. And, I want its existence to be broadcast throughout Central America. I want everyone to know the futility of trying to enter America illegally.


Centralized control quashes the competition of ideas …

One Democrat / Socialist goal is to reduce the power of the individual states by passing overriding federal controls which will not allow room for the individual states to address their issues as they choose.

The differences between the states results in competition. The differences also provide a way for people and businesses to escape the oppressive controls imposed by the Socialist states.

Centralized control quashes the competition of ideas, the implementation of various solutions, and the comparison of their results.

As a result, federal legislators are poaching in state legislative territory, and making moot our choices of state representatives, senators, and even governors.

Socialism DEMANDS that people …

surrender their individuality and the fruits of their labor for redistribution. Personal behavior and business is restricted to what is good for the people, and only the government can decide what that is. To that end, education and propaganda is geared toward listening to and obeying the government. Every radio and TV broadcast is accompanied by Public Service Announcements telling the people what to do. All communication is controlled and monitored. Criticism of the government is a crime. Nothing happens without government approval. Individuality, innovation, competition, and ambition are quashed. Conformity is the rule. To not conform is a crime against the Socialist state.

The Accusations Against Kavanaugh …

America, this is all tied up with the story of the low life, drug addict, Norma McCorvey. After becoming pregnant with her third child, McCorvey’s friends encouraged her to claim she had been raped so she could get a legal abortion. Her effort to obtain an abortion led to the landmark Roe v Wade decision. McCorvey was Roe. She later admitted she lied.

Sexual assault victims never lie? Hah ! It was the foundation of the worst damage liberals have ever done to America !

Liberal Values = Lie to get what you want. Get violent if you don’t.

McCorvey (Roe) recanted. Will Christine Blasey?

Did you pay attention? Did you learn the lesson?

Did you pay attention? Did you learn the lesson?

Your sons are not safe in a liberal world. Does your son have liberal female coworkers? Is he competing with a woman for a higher position? Does he have female classmates? Did he have female classmates 10 or 20 years ago? Are any of the females in his life now or in the past liberals? An activist liberal female can destroy your son simply in support of the liberal agenda, and she’ll become a heroine in liberal eyes.

Men, are you starting a new job? Find out which females are liberals. Keep your distance. They can never be a friend.

And, if any of the females in your workplace are liberal activists – start looking for another job. Just get out.

There are very few journalists …

There are very few journalists dedicated to informing The People without bias. Most of the people we see on TV and read in the papers are NOT journalists. They are propagandists involved in a push to change our Republic and to control The People. They relentlessly spin all news Against Trump and conservatives, and For socialism.

[ The USSR’s constitution resembled many constitutions adopted in the West. It protected freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of religion. It was a sham document. The decisions of the elite councils (the soviets) were the law and were often at odds with the written constitution. ]

That’s what the liberals (socialists) in America are trying to establish. They fantasize about filling all the seats in those ruling councils. They do not seek cooperation with the American People. If they gain power they will demand compliance and use every Dept and Agency to coerce The People into submission. The liberals (socialists) hope you will vote for your own enslavement.

To preserve freedom VOTE REPUBLICAN !

The federal government is bloated …

Just as there are term limits for politicians, there should be a limit on length of federal employment. Eight to ten years of good pay and benefits, with no retirement, should be considered.

Working for The People should not be a career.

The People are paying too much for their government.

Think about it.