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There’s a new deck of cards …

being distributed. It has the pictures of the crazy fat boy in Pyongyang and his family, his ministers, and his generals. The bounty on the fat boy’s card is US$100, which would make any North Korean rich. Collect four (4) cards (any combination of Aces or face cards) and in addition to the money on the back of the cards you get a year’s worth of coupons to the McDonalds in Seoul.

Has the crazy fat boy found a suitable spider hole yet?

Build the wall …

It’s there 24/7, it doesn’t sleep, it doesn’t take breaks, it can’t be killed, it doesn’t need health benefits, and it doesn’t earn a pension.

It doesn’t stand down when politics change. It can’t disobey orders. It can’t be corrupted.

Living under the oppressive rule of England …

was safe. But Americans valued freedom more and broke the peace to get it.

Our freedoms are being suppressed by violent liberals. They face no consequences that will stop them. Corrupt liberal local and state governments are not protecting our freedoms. They’re on the side of the violent hoard.

It’s time the people who cherish freedom fought back.

Today, President Trump hosted ANOTHER round table …

Today, he listened to farmers.

Trump is not insulated from society and he’s not just listening to his advisors. He’s listening to Americans who get things done. These people work in a competitive world, AND they have to deal with government obstacles.

He knows that they are the people with the ideas and the people who turn those ideas into reality. They hire people. He wants them to be free to do their thing.

I have never seen the like.

Do you have a coworker who …

has recently changed his name to Muhammad, who is very critical of America, angry, and talks about establishing Sharia Law here? Maybe he’s recently been overseas?

Have recent events made him even more angry?

If so, it’s worthy of calling the FBI under the ‘see something, say something’ policy. Learn how to use a gun and keep one within easy reach.

Check out his posts on social media. After an attack we always see big clues that he was going to do something radical. Find it before he kills.

Don’t be a victim of Islamic terrorism.

The integrity of the voting system …

Due to my concerns about the integrity of the voting system I forwarded this video to New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu and to NH Attorney General Joseph Foster.

Don’t assume your Governor and state Attorney General have seen it or that they know of your concerns. Send it to them.

The numbers of illegal votes is significant and it matters.

Youtube link

With illegal aliens protected in sanctuary cities …

(and the entire sanctuary state of California), are the illegals voting? Are they voting multiple times? Could that be the reason to provide them sanctuary?

Think bigger.

Could the California census and Democrat voter registrations be inflated to hide the rampant, election-deciding illegal vote?

Could a strictly enforced registration process and supervision of the local, state, and federal votes would show California is really Republican?

Governor Brown is desperate. California is doubling down on resisting federal authority and even talking secession.

Think HUGE. They’re capable of it.