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Proportionate response …

Proportionate response is for leaders who are more concerned about the opinions of those who have not been attacked than showing the aggressors the errors of their ways.

California’s homeless problem …

I think California should handle its homeless problem without federal help / intervention. California, always bragging that it is the world’s 5th largest economy, has the resources to handle it. California is making bad decisions because its priorities are mixed up. Priorities can be changed overnight.

And, I don’t want my federal tax dollars going to California. We have separate states for a reason. Their differences give us choices. I live in New Hampshire. I could never live in radical, anti-America California, unless it changed drastically.

For America’s Freedom …

Armed civilian audacity is required now. It’s time to get angry and do things you never thought would be necessary. The Virginia’s state government is now the enemy.

I am 61yo. I will go to Virginia if the government gets violent. I will be heavily armed. I am willing to kill and die for America’s freedom.

For many years I went in harm’s way for my country’s sake, overseas. It’s time to put those skills to work at home.


3am assaults on their homes …

In Virginia, start collecting the addresses of the local chiefs of police, the National Guard Commanders, the offending state legislators, and the media personalities who promote forceful gun confiscation.

George III and parliament were far away and safe when they gave the order to subdue the colonists …

The governor, state legislators, NG commanders, police chiefs, and media personalities live just down the street. If they promote violence, they should face a 3am assault on their homes just like we will.

Patriotism …

Pelosi (spit) makes me sick. She talks about patriotism (hah!) when the people in her party consider a U.S. flag in a bottle of urine something worthy of being displayed in an art gallery.

Responding to a gun confiscation order …

The individual LEOs who participate in confiscations and arrests would face a massive amount of firepower from patriotic LEOs, Joe Six Pack, millions of veterans, and men and women on active duty who understand, appreciate, and love The Constitution and its purpose. The traitors would be outnumbered and surrounded – always. They would face attacks 24/7. They could not go home at the end of their shift. War doesn’t work that way.

Only a minimal amount of coordination from armed dissidents would be needed to unleash hell and bring confiscations to a halt. But I could be wrong. Maybe a Liberal government would want an excuse to get rid of all of us and maybe they’d double down on their efforts. They are stupid that way.

The People wouldn’t have the time to wait for a SCOTUS ruling to tell us the LEO’s and the politicians who gave the order are acting unlawfully against The Constitution and the American People. The traitors would have harmed far too many Americans before SCOTUS could act.

I’d rather die in a civil war for real American Freedom than live in a Dem Lib Socialist-controlled America. They will push us. Their audacity has no limit. obama (spit) and hillary (spit) proved that.

Americans, start thinking about what freedom means to you and your children and future generations. My entire life I have supported our efforts to keep America free and secure. I have gone in harms way for America’s sake. I’ll do it again. How about you?

MY motivation to fight for America on American soil would be HIGH. I think millions of veterans and active duty servicemen feel the same way.

If the shooting starts, the politicians who give the confiscation order and those who carry it out will be legitimate targets 24 hours a day IN THEIR HOMES. Many elected officials have already spoken out against civilian gun ownership. Take note NOW who they are. There are no rules in war. If you don’t know where they live, find out.

We might be forced to act if the Dems Libs Socialists gain control.

Whereas, conservative leadership doesn’t threaten our freedom.

Never, ever submit to being disarmed. Never.

State government matters …

State government matters. The differences between the states are noted and people and businesses make decisions on where to locate. They flee from states that harm them and go to states that don’t.

That’s Competition.

Centralized federal control quashes the competition of ideas, the implementation of varied solutions, and the comparison of their results.

Liberals want centralized control.

How many of your state legislators work with US legislators to write and promote federal laws?

“The fact of the matter is conditions are different in different states, and state laws can be more ‘relevant’ …”
– John Roberts in a 1999 radio interview