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Governments are not the guardians of freedom …

The 2nd Amendment does not grant us the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

The Amendment ACKNOWLEDGES that right and FORBIDS the government from infringing upon it.

The governor of Virginia’s threat to bring in the National Guard against people who are not violent destroys the argument that armed forces under government control will keep us safe and that the NG has made militias obsolete.

The ability of The People to resist government oppression must be maintained. To do that we must have modern weapons suitable for revolution.

As a preemptive measure, communities should openly organize militias to be the final check and balance against the possibility of a government turning against the people. Form community calling trees (serving the function of the lanterns in Old North Church). Each one of us can be a Robert Newman or John Pulling. Government forces should never be able to move against us without an alarm being sounded.

The U.S. Constitution acknowledges that the security of a free state is the responsibility of The PEOPLE and tasks them with that duty.

Governments are not the guardians of freedom, but they can take it away.

If Northam starts a fight – WIN IT !

Northam, don’t put your hands on anyone at the gun rally in Richmond. Your best move is to withdraw all law enforcement from the area. Obviously, the people attending the rally will not need protection.

Rallygoers – do not allow the government’s thugs to take anyone away. Use the minimum force necessary to prevent it.

* your ‘assault rifles’ and high capacity mags
* suppressed weapons,
* water,
* trauma kits suitable for treating gunshot wounds.
* body armor with rifle plates
* FPV drones to watch for forces coming toward you

Equip yourselves the way the government will be equipped to deal with you.

Most of you will be out in the open. Have some groups position themselves behind cover and BEHIND the government forces. Establish comms between the main body and the perimeter watch.

You must be prepared to participate in what might become the 2nd Battle of Lexington and Concord.

If the governor starts a fight – WIN IT !

A nice sunny day at the rally, or …

If Governor Northam doesn’t do anything stupid it will be a nice sunny day at the rally. If he tries to assert his authority it could become a beautiful day to die.

The firepower among the rallygoers will be massive.

Imagine trying to ban guns at a rally that was motivated by the banning of guns.

Is Northam retarded?

Iran’s funding …

The funding for Iran to destabilize the Middle East, to subdue dissent in Iran, to conduct terrorist attacks against Westerners, and to enhance uranium was made available when the United States lifted a freeze on Iran’s assets, estimated at nearly $150 billion.

The freeze was lifted in 2013. By obama.

That Iran went on a terrorist rampage after their assets were made available is undisputed.

It should be added to our children’s schoolbooks.

The leftists would have you think …

The leftists would have you think that attacks against Americans anywhere are tolerable and do not warrant a military response if they are kept in moderation. Ambassador Stevens would disagree.

Killing an Iranian military leader …

The comments in the media and on social media about provoking Iran who is already attacking us are pathetic.

The contrast between the responses to the attacks in Benghazi and Baghdad are like night and day.

Consequences …

Chunk by chunk the leftists are tearing apart the concepts of merit and failure, reward and consequences. They will ruin American society if we let them get away with it.

The legislators face no consequences. There should be consequences for what they’re doing.