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How to deal with an anti-American leader who incites violence …

The way to deal with an anti-American leader who incites violence is for a group of people to keep track of him through the evening, follow him home, follow him into his home, and beat him to death while out of sight. No guns. Don’t do it in public.

Take them out one by one.

Mail-in voting – The results of the elections would never be known.

Many many mail-in ballots :
* will be pre-marked before being sent out to the voters,
* will not be delivered to the voters,
* will be trashed by postal employees during sorting,
* will never arrive at the polling centers to be counted,
* will accumulate in mail carriers’ basements,
* will be addressed improperly,
* will be delivered to dead people,
* will be delivered to pets,
* will be sent to the same person due to typos,
* sent to the elderly will be intercepted by family members.
* will be intercepted at nursing homes and used by the staff,
* will be stolen by porch pirates from mail boxes and used,
* will be fished out of mailboxes outside of post offices (sticky weight on string).

Mail-in ballots are absolutely vulnerable.

The United States Postal Inspection Service, the law enforcement arm of the United States Postal Service, would be overwhelmed with nation-wide mail-in balloting. It would take YEARS to investigate all of the crimes and prosecute them in federal court.

The results of the elections would never be known.

Rescuing the Cities

That Trump is using federal forces to RESCUE THE CITIES and stop the destruction sparks alarm in the media and among the Democrat Socialists.

It’s necessary only because the mayors and governors are not doing enough to protect the lives of their residents, their businesses, their jobs, and economies. In some cases, the arson and murders go unchallenged and even get the support of their mayors and governors.

The Democrat Socialists and their hordes are the enemy. That’s something we can act on. We can assist Trump and the federal forces.

We need revenge !

Criticizing America’s response to COVID. That’s pathetic. It’s a distraction to what China has done to America.

Look at what they’ve done to us!

Every problem, every argument, stemming from COVID comes from the fact that CHINA greatly harmed all of us and we can’t see an end to it. If they had assassinated our president it would be an act of war. To murder 100,000 Americans and sicken millions more is NOT excusable. American lives have value. Our families are dear to us and they are worth the risk of getting revenge.

We need revenge ! Politics won’t satisfy !

We need revenge – against specific persons in the Chinese Communist Party.

The Democrat Socialists in America are defending the Chinese, trying to minimize their guilt.

Think about that: The Democrat Socialists in America are defending the Chinese.

Look at what they’ve done to us!

They will do it again! Why wouldn’t they? They can endure economic sanctions. They will laugh at it. The leaders of the CCP are some of the richest, most privileged people in the world. They don’t care about their people. They are the ultimate Democrats.

We need revenge! and to do it in the open.

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things.
The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling
which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse.
The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight,
nothing which is more important than his own personal safety,
is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free
unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”
J S Mills

Get angry! Demand revenge!

Action Blocked

Action Blocked

You have been temporarily blocked from performing this action.

If you think this doesn’t go against our Community Standards let us know.

That’s the response I got for posting

“It’s a beautiful day,”

on Facebook.

They found out I’m a conservative.

The People of Minneapolis failed …

The People of Minneapolis are living with the consequences of their inaction.

Every single adult made the decision to not stop the destruction. They wanted someone else to do something, to take on the mobs, but they themselves refused to do anything. They handed the fate of their city to politicians. They watched and did nothing when the politicians made a political decision to let the mobs destroy their city. The politics of appeasement.

The people of Minneapolis are living with the consequences of their inaction.

It’s not enough to buy a gun and wait for the war to come knocking on your own front door. You have to go out and fight and prevent them from coming. The do-nothing people outnumbered the mobs tens of thousands to one. The people were pathetic. They simply watched.

How many weapons were in the people’s closets? How many weapons were not used to defend the communities?

Their city, their communities, were not worth fighting for and now they want help in rebuilding. Screw ’em. They were armed. They could have prevented it.

The politics of appeasement. Reject it. Fight.

Militia – it’s not just a word in the history books. It’s a responsibility, a duty.

Full Scale Civil War – when?

When the elections are postponed, or canceled, or if the results are disregarded – CIVIL WAR. If the Socialists win and take away our freedoms – CIVIL WAR.

Trust in government is gone. Trust in the media is gone. The might of the pen is gone. War will decide the future of America.

When Americans start shooting socialist officials, legislators, community leaders and their hordes, will we be considered American freedom fighters or will the media portray us as murderers? You know the answer to that.

We won’t be fighting ‘rioters’. They are the democratic socialist army. They are led and funded by people you see on TV and in the media everyday.

Local, state, and federal officials, councilmen, and legislators, along with network executives, anchors, newscasters, and the moneyed men behind them are the agents of America’s destruction. They will be targets. Most of the people quietly masquerading as democrats are guilty of supporting socialism and condoning the violent destruction of America. Their votes are telling. Don’t leave them out.

Individual cops and national guardsmen will have to make a decision. Whose side they will fight on?

No matter what you hear in the media, it will not be a law enforcement issue. It will be a war to decide whether Americans remain free or whether we live with the boot of socialist control on our necks.

The War Has Started …

THE WAR has started under the guise of protests. The enemy is already at work; openly murdering, burning our communities, and ordering us to kneel to the new incoming order.

The elections in November won’t stop the war that the Dems Libs Socialists have already started.

Liberal officials, in support of the war, are releasing criminals to increase the destruction and mayhem.

As the mayors, chiefs of police, community leaders and the media stoke the fires of our enemies, You, Mr President MUST activate the people who are torn between obeying the law and fighting for the survival of freedom as we know it.

Mr President, Give the order and we will kneel – on the necks of every Dem Lib Socialist politician, community leader, chief of police, news anchor and SOB undermining America, that we can get our hands on.

Give us the command. Millions of us have sworn to defend America against her enemies. Millions of active duty, veterans, and militia are already equipped and we are already deployed everywhere. We are ready.

The elections in November won’t stop the war that the Dems Libs Socialists have already started. They’ve gotten police officers and innocent people to kneel. They’ve tasted victory.

Kneel to the new god that’s coming …

Kneel America. Kneel to the new god that’s coming. All around you people are kneeling to avoid his vengeance. Do as they do.

Kneel when his emissaries command it.

Derail the Socialists …

The violence that precedes Socialism is coming at us like a freight train. You don’t derail it with talk. You need dynamite.

Law enforcement and good people are kneeling to violent protestors and evil.