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Israel should wipe out Hamas

Disarm Hamas and there would be peace with Israel.
Disarm Israel and there would be no Israel.
Everyone knows who the aggressors are.

Proportionate response is for losers who fear the opinions
of outsiders who are not being attacked.

Israel should not hold back at all. No cease fires. Kill them all. To allow them to surrender would give them time to refinance, rearm, and attack Israel again.

From the Desk of Donald J Trump

President Trump has his own site:

From the Desk of Donald J Trump

Will you resist? Will you fight?

August Landmesser refused to even act like he went along with the regime. He did this before Kristallnacht and the massive atrocities committed later. Unfortunately he was just one of an insignificant number.

It’s recorded history. We know how it developed. If you disregard the things happening right in front of you, if you think it can’t happen again – it will. It’s adding up.

From the talk we’re hearing now we should not be surprised if we someday learn that fellow Americans are disappearing or being taken to reeducation camps to ‘work’.

It can happen here. The left has people who are willing to do it to us. They are all over the country numbering in the tens of thousands and we’ve already seen them in action last Summer.

Many people defend such violence. They say it’s justified.

Just days ago we saw 100% of the majority party in the House of Representatives approve an order by one of their members to become violent if a verdict didn’t go their way. They were not afraid to openly intimidate the jury and it worked.

That should scare you into getting a gun and coordinating with others to resist what’s coming.

Which leftist will wrest control of all the power, get rid of the opposition, shred The Constitution, and order his hordes to beat us into submission?

That leftist can call up an army in a day. Most of the conservative legislators and officials could be detained or killed in a matter of hours.

The left is already organized.

America is the world’s only hope. If we fall to the left, all dreams die.

Will you fight?

Your disbelief enables them.

The Attack at the Capitol …

should have been 100 times larger and unstoppable. Only when The People decide to be that powerful, and unify, will the people who want to destroy America be afraid to harm America.

The Enemies of …

Truth, Justice, and The American Way are now in charge of the country.

The Socialists Democrats will try to knock us down and make sure we stay down.


Resist every control the Dems force upon us !

Do not obey them !

Justification for Civil War

Civil war is justified when enough people decide they are being oppressed and don’t like the direction the government is taking the country. A civil war doesn’t need to be fueled by trial-worthy proof of wrongdoing.

It only takes two percent of the people who are willing to take violent action to give us a chance to be free.

Be a 2%er.

The justification for a civil war to save America will not be found in court decisions or in the newspapers.

The past efforts of the Democrats have already shown us what they will do TO us (not FOR us). If we allow them to stay in control, America will never be great again. They will bring us down to the mediocrity of socialism.

The Halloween Massacre

On October 31, 2006 the Canadian Minister of Finance Flaherty destroyed everyone’s investments in Canadian Royalty Trusts. It was called the Halloween Massacre.

These were tax advantaged investments that reduced the amount of revenue the Canadian government collected from the cash flow from the investments. So, the Canadian government forced all of the Canadian Royalty Trusts to convert to corporations. It didn’t matter to them at all that retirees had invested everything into the CanRoys and were living on the distributions. It is much easier to raise taxes against corporations (evil profit-making corporations) than it is to raise taxes on old people. People vote. Corporations don’t.

The Canadian government did this even though Canada had a revenue surplus at the time.


Political risk in your investments is very real.

Think about the wealth you have in your retirement accounts.

Black Markets in America

With a socialist administration in place I think black markets in America will develop in things that have never needed a black market before. And where black markets already exist more people will become users.

I lived in Scotland for three years. Cash was the norm. The black markets in goods, trades, and services was HUGE. I paid cash for everything: rent on my farmhouse, deliveries on coal, milk & bread, and potatoes, clothes alterations, furniture, groceries, etc. I’m sure they all keep two sets of books.

My relatives in Scotland don’t have credit cards or checking / savings accounts.

“We prefer cash,” will become common.

Electronic custom (traceable transactions) will decline.

Trump enabled people and businesses to grow out in the open.

The democrats will put on the shackles.

‘Beat the government’ will grow in America.

Massive censorship effort is in progress …

Forums of any kind that deal with things not compatible with the new socialist America are being shut down. Any conversations dealing with the 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, states rights, wealth redistribution, abortion, health care, etc. get flagged and the owners of the servers who host the forums are being forced to shut them down.

The ability to communicate electronically to the entire nation is being limited to government-approved administrators. Those administrators are authorized to banish anyone without warning based on their political and social positions.

Conservative hosts will soon lose their access to mass media.


There are three times as many troops in Washington DC as we have in Afghanistan. The Dems are crap-their-pants scared of the pissed off conservatives.

But, the National Guard is full of patriotic conservatives who probably side with the protestors. They are armed and have sworn to obey the president and to defend the Constitution. Each one will make the decision about what he’s fighting for. They are voting citizens, not robots.

The Dems have unwittingly brought in the military to protect the unlawful socialist takeover. There are enough conservative troops in DC to storm the capital, take prisoners, and set things right.

All it would take is a few coordinated companies to hand the government back over to Trump and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Stand by.