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President Trump, Lead us in War …

against our country’s domestic enemies. The Socialists will win if you don’t. Give us the go ahead to fight the people who want to destroy America. Untie our hands.

Got brass knuckles? …

Liberal city, state, federal officials, community organizers, and media personalities need to have some skin in the war they’re starting.

Is one within your reach? Got brass knuckles?

Who votes by mail-in ballot …

Who votes by mail-in ballot …

The Dems Libs Socialists are holding on to the ‘state of emergency’ to justify what they want to do.

The mail-in ballots of the all the people who die in the months prior to the election will still get posted, even by people who’ve never bothered to vote before. Relatives of the deceased will make sure of it, or someone in the post office will.

How many ballots will be mailed out to dead people?

How many ballots will be mailed to the wrong / outdated address?

Who will actually mark those ballots and send them in?


If you can go grocery shopping you can vote in-person at the polling place in your neighborhood.

The only valid reason to vote by mail-in ballot is if you are unable to return home from a great distance to vote in-person.

Hundreds of thousands (millions?) of illegal aliens have been welcomed in sanctuary cities/states, given assistance (paid for with taxes), been issued drivers licenses with automatic voter registration, and will get mail-in ballots.

The left has ‘new voters’ in the system ready to use their mail-in ballots.

To facilitate this, leftist mayors and governors are pressing for mail-in ballots for local, state, and federal elections. The powers they’ve granted themselves under cover of the ‘state of emergency’ are being used to undermine The Constitution and advance the leftist agenda. They will hold on to the state of emergency until the elections are over. And if they win big enough, many of those powers will become law.

Our anger is being misdirected …

Anger is being misdirected against our own president who is doing his best to deal with what CHINA has done. China is TOTALLY at fault.

Don’t allow that misdirection to go unchallenged.

We should be talking about how to retaliate against China.

Revenge. Massive revenge against China is justified.

Proportionate response is for pussies.

We should be talking …

about how we’re going to retaliate against China; not against our own countrymen who are trying to deal with what China has done to us.


Death and taxes … and the China Virus.

… in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes … and the China Virus.

Has an effective vaccine ever been developed for ANY corona virus?

Coronaviruses are the cause of about 20% of colds. There’s no vaccine and you can get them repeatedly. Having a cold does not result in immunity from the other corona viruses that cause colds.

RhinoViruses are the major cause of common colds. There are no vaccines against these viruses either. Getting one does not result in immunity to the other RVs.

Resisting tyranny …

Resisting a tyrannical state government is your duty. Protesting is not enough. Refuse to comply with policies that are against the best interests of  The People. The People determine what is in their best interests.

The leftists state and city leaders will try to maintain the powers and controls they’ve granted themselves during the state of emergency by refusing to cancel the state of emergency as long as possible.


Demand in-person voting …

keep 6 ft apart

Relinquish ALL of the extraordinary powers …

In many parts of America the authorities are pushing The People into a corner.

We are used to Law Enforcement Officers protecting us and working to defend us. That seems to be changing. LEOs are being ordered to exert control for control’s sake.

The People are armed.

Many of us have sworn to protect The Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. We take our oaths seriously.

We have gone into harm’s way for our country’s sake far from home. The motivation to fight for American Freedom on American soil will be high if we are provoked too far.

Mayors, governors, president – we expect that you will relinquish ALL of the extraordinary powers that you have granted yourselves when the situation allows it.

Because we will LIVE FREE OR DIE !

Guerilla war, sniping, rebellion, revolution, patriots, domestic enemies, Tree of Liberty.

Mail-in Ballots …

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have been moved to sanctuary cities/states, been given assistance, received drivers licenses with automatic voter registration, and are being given mail-in ballots.

The left is pushing hard for mail-in ballots. They’ve got ‘new voters’ that are already in the system. But they can’t possibly vote in person without giving it away.

The leftists want to regain power and they face ZERO consequences for trying this.