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The corona virus WILL hit …

the unsanitary homeless camps in California.

Every day they leave camp to walk the streets (to crap) and go into diners (to hang and beg). They touch things. They cough and sneeze.

What’s Governor Newsom’s reaction going to be? How about the mayors?

Will the progressive liberal agenda take priority over the public’s health?

The Dem Lib Socialist agenda thrives in chaos and unrest. “Don’t let this crisis go to waste. We can blame so many people.”

Those uppity ingrates! …

The Dems, the self-appointed champions of the minorities, have been paying the blacks for their votes for decades and they want their money’s worth.

Many blacks are publicly voicing their dissatisfaction with the democrats.

Dem leaders, “Dammit. Oversear, where are those shackles?! Dust them off. They’re starting to think for themselves. Those uppity ingrates!”

Trump’s policies apply to all Americans. Trump does not single out ANY minorities for special treatment, and the minorities are doing better than the Dems ever promised. Trump doesn’t divide us. He is POSITIVE and does not promote victim status.

Neighborhood plagued by violent home invasions …

A long time ago there was a group who passed out break open, single shot, 20 gauge shotguns and some ammo to all the single moms and vulnerable people in a neighborhood plagued by violent home invasions. They were shown how to to use them. I can’t remember how it turned out and I can’t find any references to it. Does anyone remember it?

I think something similar should be tried again.

Violent illegal aliens are being released into our communities, sheriffs say …

Violent felons who face deportation are being released into Illinois communities, sheriffs say.

Are they released at the gates of the jails and prisons? Couldn’t the people in a state volunteer to stand rotating watches to interview/photograph the felons as they leave, determine who is an illegal or send the photos to ICE? The government can’t do everything. If it really bothers you, do something about it. Turning them into ICE is the right thing to do. Find a way how.

Maybe a bounty could be paid for a name and a time of release. If the info is good and it results in capture by ICE we can pay a bounty to a PayPal account. I’m sure there are some good prison employees who have the information and don’t want those people released. Develop a relationship with ICE.

Don’t just accept the harmful, politically-driven policies of your local government. Find a way to defeat them.

International travel now? …

The New York Times is currently promoting international travel in a series of articles.

Trump wins over Latinos …

despite strict immigration stance.

Why? Because Latinos are law-abiding Americans who do not disregard the crimes committed by other Latinos. Why would anyone think that race, ethnicity, or religion overrides their devotion to American sovereignty, their demand that everyone obey the law, or their sense of merit?

The Dems Libs Socialists and the media …

are scum.

The Dems Libs Socialists have twisted, corrupted everything they can and attacked in an effort to harm all of Trump’s team and oust Trump since he took office. It is obvious.

Think back to the very beginning of it all. They started with attacks against his son, Baron. The attacks have spread out to include everyone around Trump. They have been relentless.

Obedient Dems Libs Socialists are everywhere, willing to do what they can to destroy the system and create chaos in order to move in and implement their agenda.

The Dems Libs Socialists and the media are scum.