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Get ’em while they’re young …

Then Gullible – Now Skeptical

What did you learn while you were young and gullible and unable to verify or dispute?

Are you still holding onto naive beliefs and feelings adopted in your youth because these days you are skeptical of everything you hear? Are you unable to update?

Liberals get em’ while they’re young.


Domestic Enemies …

No one is ignoring the crime problem.

The ‘solutions’ proposed by oath-breaking legislators, go far beyond anything necessary to combat crime. They are purposefully ignoring our Constitutionally-protected freedoms. That’s unacceptable.

Confiscating ARs and AKs from law abiding Americans? You would not be taking teddy bears from obedient, intimidated, defenseless children. You’re talking about confiscating ARs and AKs from Americans, millions of whom are in the military or have had military training and have been in combat. THE PEOPLE, trained in war, would justifiably organize a resistance and the confiscators would die. It would turn into the bloodiest guerilla revolt you can imagine. There would be an AR-15 behind every blade of grass.

The people who make that law, the people who give the confiscation order, and the people who TRY to carry it out would show themselves to be the domestic enemies against whom tens of millions of us have sworn to defend against. We swore to defend The Constitution against enemies foreign and DOMESTIC and have proven it by putting our lives on the line. The motivation to defend America AT HOME would be HIGH.

Americans take their oaths seriously. Many politicians and officials just say the words for show and then discard even the pretense of defending the Constitution. We see them break their oaths every day.

The 2nd Amendment states that it’s The People’s duty to protect the free state and tasks them with that duty.

To do that we must have arms suitable for revolution or we will lose control of our government. The lawmakers must be reminded that they were elected to serve us and that we are their masters.

Government officials who do not face consequences are dangerous and can be tempted to commit treason under the guise of making law..

Remind your State and US Senators and Representatives that:

Muammar Gaddafi was captured hiding in a drainage pipe, pulled out into the street, sodomized with a bayonet, and SHOT;

Saddam Hussein ran and hid for weeks, was found in a spider hole, and then died at the end of a rope;

Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu were sentenced to death by a provisional government and immediately shot to pieces in an alley.

Would the Liberal Socialist Totalitarian elected leaders and their officials who cancel The Constitution deserve any better?

America, no matter who is in power, no matter what laws are passed, KEEP your ARs and AKs and your high capacity magazines. The control-hungry socialists WILL take our freedom if we can’t fight. Even if they fail, they will have shown themselves to be our domestic enemies. Their AYES and NAYS will be on record, forever.

Lawmakers, Go ahead. Make our day. Your faces will end up on playing cards. The millions of ARs and AKs we use for target shooting, hunting, and recreation will become the WAR rifles you fear. What drainage pipe or spider hole will we find you hiding in?

American riflemen, keep your bayonets sharp. If the day comes, that politician’s pucker factor will be high.

On Racism … A Short Video

A PragerU video featuring Candace Owens.

The Left Wants to Keep Racism Alive

The role of the law and the courts …

I’m concerned that in America the role of the law and the courts in our lives is being reversed.

Laws are meant to provide a way to deal with harmful acts. Something that is not unlawful is lawful. At least, that’s how I think it should work.

But with so many things being brought to a state or The US Supreme Court it seems that every action must be approved before someone can act. The role of law is being reversed in people’s minds from dealing with a harmful act, to approving an act, and that without government approval something is prohibited.

A government-centric, socialist trend?

Am I wrong?

Just thinking.

Domestic enemies … they’re here

“On, September 25th, in two weeks, we will have a hearing on the assault weapons ban, and one of the bills we reported yesterday was to ban the sale of high-capacity magazines, which, by all testimony, is what makes these mass shootings much worse. So, we’re doing that. Buybacks may go a little further than people are willing to go — mandatory buybacks, but certainly, an assault weapons ban, we will consider, and I assume we will vote for it.”
–House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler


THE TIME HAS COME to start organizing phone trees in your area (if you don’t have one) to summon aid. The Constitution must be defended. Don’t let the government get away with it. The people who pass such laws, the people who give the order to enforce them, and the people who obey them will have proven they are the domestic enemy we swore to defend against.

If you’re a cop and support the Bill of Rights, give the intended victims a heads up. But whatever you do, don’t obey the order, don’t participate in a raid.

If you become a victim of a government raid, do not resist. You can’t win that battle alone. Just start the phone tree to summon help. We will surround the area and block the LEOs’ exit. We can force them to disperse empty handed. There will be an AR-15 behind every blade of grass..

The 2nd Amendment states that it’s The People’s duty to protect the free state and tasks them with that duty. So …

We must have arms suitable for revolution or we will lose control of our government. The law makers must KNOW The People have teeth. Government officials who have nothing to fear are dangerous. Remind them that Muammar Gaddafi was captured and killed in the street, Saddam Hussein ended up swinging, and Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu were shot to pieces in an alley.

No matter what laws are passed, KEEP your ARs and AKs and your high capacity magazines. The control-hungry socialists are here to take our freedom. If they can’t do it at the federal level they will try it at the state level. Even if they fail, they have shown themselves to be domestic enemies.


Start thinking about it. Preemptive organization will remove any ideas of confiscation by a future rogue government. The organization must be in place BEFORE they attempt to seize our weapons.

Imagine the freedoms lost in an America controlled by socialists.

Democrats WARN the Supreme Court …

The Democrats have issued a WARNING to the US Supreme Court to not hear a particular case.

An “OR ELSE” is implied.

Led by Senator Whitehouse (RI, D), “The court is too conservative to make a valid ruling on a NYC gun law.”

If this doesn’t make your hair stand on end, you don’t know what’s at stake.

As concealed carry becomes more common …

Members of law enforcement are not the only ones willing to put their lives on the line.

As concealed carry becomes more common law enforcement must accept the fact that armed civilians are very likely to be the first responders, and may be effectively engaging the shooter or even have things under control with the subdued attackers at gunpoint. Law enforcement must cooperate with those civilians.

Just as the civilians have the responsibility to distinguish between the attackers, other first responders, and innocent bystanders, so too must the uniformed police.

To promote the idea that capable civilians should just stay out of the way when their communities (their families and neighbors) are under attack is against the nature, the courage, and capability of the American people.