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Medical experiments and detention centers

“The more we do to you,the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”
― Joseph Mengele

It’s worse than that. Americans are volunteering to participate, and turning in those who don’t.

Megan Kelly on Covid

Jan 6th, 2021

That the Democrat legislators (The No 1 Domestic Enemy of Truth, Justice, and the American Way) had to run from the Patriots, that the legislators were afraid, was a good thing.

Democrat legislators, acting through their operatives, must know that when they corrupt the vote (the only peaceful way we have to decide the direction of the country) that they leave us no choice but to revolt, and that we can get to them. They are not invulnerable.

The election was stolen. Common sense tells us that if it looks like corruption, smells like corruption, and sounds like corruption – it IS corruption. The people don’t need trial-worthy evidence to take extralegal action. In this situation, justice will not be found in a courtroom.

Everything the Dems have done in the past supports the view that they corrupted the vote. They are consistent. They can’t win honestly so they fight every effort to ensure the integrity of the vote.

By recognizing January 6th as ‘Democracy Day’, the Democrats run the risk of it being turned against them. James Sharpe, professor emeritus of history at the University of York, has described how Guy Fawkes came to be toasted as “the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions”. People have come to think Fawkes was on the right track. So was Babbitt.

Shoot the coyotes …

I’ve been banned from Facebook for 30 days because I posted a legal remedy for problem coyotes. SHOOT THEM. They’re varmints that kill, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, … It’s legal if you get a hunting license.

Rittenhouse wasn’t the only one on trial …

The right to defend yourself and your community was on trial.

Arming yourself and standing against destructive mobs, defending a community, is not vigilantism. The Kenosha mobs were the ones acting criminally.

Property, livelihoods, and dreams are destroyed when police are the only ones responding to a riot. Police don’t stop the rioters from doing it. They arrest them after they’ve been identified, which doesn’t prevent the destruction.

Standing armed against a mob is the right thing to do.

Mayors and Chiefs of Police don’t have the right to say, “Stay away. Don’t get involved. Let them destroy everything you’ve built. That’s what insurance is for.”

It took a 17 year old to show the men of America the right thing to do.

Will you answer the call to arms when a community comes under attack or will you watch it on TV?

God Bless America.

God Bless The Founders and Our Constitution.

God Bless Kyle Rittenhouse.

The People in the riot-torn cities failed to act …

And are living with the consequences of their inaction.

Every single adult made the decision to not stop the destruction. They wanted someone else to do something, to take on the mobs, but they themselves refused to do anything. They handed the fate of their city to politicians. They watched and did nothing when the politicians made a political decision to let the mobs destroy their communities and livelihoods. The politics of appeasement.

The people are living with the consequences of their inaction.

It’s not enough to buy a gun and wait for the destruction to come to your own neighborhood. You have to go out and prevent the destruction. The do-nothing people outnumbered the mobs tens of thousands to one. The people were pathetic. They simply watched.

How many weapons were in the people’s closets? How many weapons were not used to defend the communities?

Their city, their communities, were not worth fighting for and now they want help in rebuilding. Screw ’em. They were armed. They could have prevented it.

The politics of appeasement. Reject it. Fight.

Militia – it’s not just a word in the history books. It’s a responsibility, a duty.

Organize !

Watching Rachel Maddow fall apart …

as the Virginia gubernatorial race results came in was real entertainment !

Virginia voted REPUBLICAN !

That video is a keeper.

Virginians have voted …

for a REPUBLICAN governor, Glenn Youngkin !


Winsome Sears has become Virginia’s first black female Lt Governor !

Conservatives !

As ‘defunding the police’ becomes reality …

The People need to take on the responsibility for safeguarding the community themselves. Get involved. Discuss it with your neighbors. Agree to come to each other’s aid. Establish a communication network – a calling tree. Badges and training are not required, just a desire to protect the community and some courage.

It’s obvious the people in charge don’t want trained people on the streets when things get bad, so you’ve got a green light. And your services won’t cost the community a thing.

Since you don’t answer to the mayor, you will be free to be more effective than the police.

Be like Kyle. Be ready to put out fires, provide First Aid, and stand up against the destructive mobs. Together.

Columbus Day …

The Stone Age people in North America didn’t contribute squat to the rest of the world. They were truly prehistoric. (No written history was kept because they didn’t have a writing system. They scratched on cave walls with rocks and charcoal.)

Europeans were studying in colleges before they explored the world and settled in North America.

They studied:

Homer (The Iliad, and the Odyssey 750 BC)

Plato and Pythagoras (500 BC)

Aristotle (350 BC) philosophy

Diophantus of Alexandria (300 BC, wrote the first treatise on algebra)

The Bible

The Library of Alexandria Egypt was part of a larger research institution called the Mouseion and existed during the reign of Ptolemy II Philadelphus (250 BC)

Have you ever seen videos of ‘undiscovered people’ throwing spears at helicopters? That’s what Indians would be doing if the Europeans hadn’t settled in North America.

The Stone Age people in North America didn’t contribute squat.