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Crocodile tears …

The Leftists want to destroy us in the eyes of the world. Destroy the American experiment.

  1. The China Virus (Fauci-connection).
  2. The Leftists took advantage of the virus to fix the election with mail-in voting and inserted malleable patsy Biden.
  3. Biden, on the advice of unknown advisors, pulls our military out of Afghanistan with no regard for the tens of thousands of hostages left behind – Americans, Canadians, British, Japanese, … allies.
  4. The Taliban move in and kill the people who worked with any westerners.
  5. The Taliban are in control.
  6. Our allies no longer have confidence in America.
  7. The State Department admits we are at the mercy of the Taliban.
  8. The Taliban starts killing our military and people trying to get out. (today 26 Aug)

More bombings coming? What’s to stop them? The Democrats?

Leftists Democrats Socialist legislators privately laughing, drinking champagne, “Orange man bad! Ha ha ha It didn’t take very long ! … Ha ha ha !”

Then make public announcements with crocodile tears, “My heart breaks for our servicemen …” (note to self: push for reduction in military spending)

Get the TRUTH here everyday …

People from 40 nations held hostage …

The Taliban are now going house to house throughout Afghanistan confiscating weapons.

As they come across people trying to get to Kabul airport they are confiscating ALL identifying documentation (passports, visas, licenses) so they will be turned away at the checkpoints. Americans, Canadians, Brits, Germans, Japanese … people from 40 nations are being held hostage … while the Taliban leadership smiles for the reporters.

⁠The Democrats, in their zeal to bring down America, did this to the entire world and used a clueless Biden to do it.

Overthrow the Biden Administration …

We can’t wait for the elections. The Democrats are working too fast. All of America’s enemies are being enabled by the Democrats’ treachery. America won’t exist in November 2022.

COVID-21 and the Nov 22 elections …

Does a test that isolates the Delta variant from the other variants of COVID really exist?

(The flu disappeared and now the original COVID-19 has disappeared.)

But no matter the answer – China did this to us, and the democrats are putting it to use.

COVID-22 is coming (guaranteed) and the Democrats will make changes to how the vote is conducted in Nov 22. COVID-19 worked like a charm in 2020.

Keeping the fear, divide, and emergency powers in play.

A Domestic Enemy Is Worse Than A Foreign Enemy

China did this to us. Are we going to give them a pass on killing us? Do you want a government that lets it slide? But actually, it’s worse than that …

Biden’s people are using the military to distribute sick illegals all over the country. The Delta variant has been described as more contagious than chicken pox. Most of the people getting it have been fully vaccinated.

Remember when obama (spit) weeded out out flag officers who knew right from wrong, whose allegiance was to the Constitution and the American way of life, and not blindly to the Commander-in-Chief? That’s paying off for the Dems now.

“I am an American fighting man. I serve in the forces which guard my country and our way of life.” obama got rid of the men who believed in that, who believed in Truth, Justice, and The American Way.

A Domestic Enemy Is Worse Than A Foreign Enemy

The Perfectionist Fallacy …

The Perfectionist Fallacy goes like this:

If a solution does not satisfy every aspect of a problem perfectly, then it must be rejected. Only a perfect solution is acceptable.

Obstructionists and losers take that position.

“Perfection is the enemy of progress.” – Winston Churchill. He knew.

You will recognize it when you hear, “That’s not going to work. It doesn’t … “

Centralizing control …

Switching to electricity from fossil fuels will have the result of centralizing control of energy and movement.

Once converted, the government can turn off power anywhere. (Police routinely cut off power to entire neighborhoods to isolate bad situations.)

Vehicle chargers can be set on timers and be made available when city, county, state, federal governments see fit. They can be turned off as long as the government thinks it’s necessary to control a situation. Rolling blackouts. If the government doesn’t want us to go anywhere there’s no need to put up thousands and thousands of road blocks. They just turn off the chargers.

As it stands now, power to travel is available to everyone at any time from many many vendors and there is competition to get your business. You can build up supplies of gasoline and diesel.

Heating and cooling of homes and businesses would come under the same control.

Governments shouldn’t have that kind of power.

There will be a reckoning …

Our Constitution acknowledges our rights, it does not grant them.

The leftists are fools to think they can hold back the majority of American people who believe that our rights are worth dying and killing for. It is every elected’s duty to honor the Constitution and to see that all officials honor their oaths. To take that oath insincerely is a crime against America.

To the leftist legislators, the statists, and the MSM working to undermine freedom in America, you should know that your lives are on the line. How could you ever think they are not?

There will be a reckoning.

When the SHTF and these people are hunted down the leftists will call it murder.

Real Americans will call it justice.


I want more walls to make it more difficult for the criminals to enter America.

Trump’s wall does good work. It does not discriminate. It works 24/7. It does not demand a raise or earn benefits. It can’t get injured or murdered (with a rifle purchased through Operation Fast & Furious). Where the wall exists the criminals go elsewhere to cross. Fewer gaps in the wall means they enter in fewer places and that makes them easier to capture.

Biden cancelled the agreement with Mexico to hold the people who are captured at the border in Mexico while they wait for their immigration/refugee court date. When that agreement was in place the caravans ended. The illegals could no longer look forward to entering the American system to receive a free checkup and then be released on their own recognizance to return to court. (None did. The leftists and criminals competed for the business of making them disappear throughout America.)

There were no more opportunities for leftists to photograph the people in confinement and spin a yarn about abuse. The leftists for some reason did not insist on access to the Mexican holding facilities.

Nobody wants to be held by the Mexicans so the immigrants weren’t gathering their wealth or borrowing money to get to the border. The extortionate business of getting them to the border ended too.

Mexico got relief from a huge amount of crime when the Central Americans learned they would be held in Mexico. The immigrants stopped traveling through Mexico and the cartels didn’t have people to capture, rape, steal from, and kill like they did before the USA/Mexico agreement. Immigrants weren’t ransacking the towns they traveled through.

Now the drug traffic coming across the border is greater than ever before and the cartels are back in business kidnapping women for prostitution, kidnapping children for ransom, or for prostitution, or to force the parents to be drug mules, violently stealing the immigrants belongings and leaving them for dead.

Biden’s border policies brought it all back with a vengeance. Biden’s people don’t give a rat’s ass about the harm they are doing.

Mexicans blame Biden.

Texans are paying the price of Biden’s border policies. It is no longer safe to be near the Texas border or live in a Texas border town.. Violent crime is on the rise in Texas.

Texas has decided to continue building the wall themselves and they are not asking permission.

Read the Mexican newspapers about the situation on their side of the border. They are living in a drug cartel hell again. Good politicians who want something done about it are murdered. Their bodies hang from trees and highways. The cartel-backed people are winning the elections wherever they run. Mexicans are watching the cartels gather political power.

Someday a cartel-backed man will be the President of Mexico and the Commander In Chief of the Mexican Armed Forces.