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Enraging the Democrats

The unraveling of centralized control in DC is enraging the democrats.

The Supreme Court did not make abortion illegal, it simply returned the power to make that decision to the states.

That’s Trumps legacy – returning the power to THE PEOPLE in many issues. People will see the differences between the states and make decisions on where to locate their families and businesses. It’s a good thing.

Centralized control quashes the competition of ideas, their implementation, and the comparison of their results. Democrats do not want anything to compete with their agenda.

When the power is returned to the states and to businesses and to individuals, people will see the successes and failures in the different states and make decisions.

The democrat agenda would not survive the competition.

When the monster comes …

Armed teachers, right there with the children, are the only ones we can count on to be there when the monster comes. The response time is ZERO when the victims are armed. The teachers are courageous. They will fight. They’ve proven that.

Politicians and the MSM want the schools to remain vulnerable. They will not consider any measures that do not disarm tens of millions of people who will never harm anyone. Dead children and teachers are valuable tools in their anti-America agenda.

Teachers, take control of the children’s safety NOW by arming yourselves – even if you have to do it in secret. It’s the right thing to do.

In Charleston, West Virginia shorty after the Uvalde shooting, Dennis Butler started shooting a rifle into a group of people gathered for a celebration. An armed woman in the crowd killed him with a handgun. She stopped him before he could harm anyone. She won. You can too.

Maybe you didn’t know about it because the politicians and MSM didn’t like that story. The idea that you can defend yourselves and others undermines their government-centric agenda.

You have to buy a gun, practice, and carry it never knowing whether you will need it. Being prepared is like that. But it’s the right thing to do. Thank God that woman did.

The more good guys among us with guns the safer we will be.

Take control.

Robb Elementary (more)

When I was a kid the police would have gone in and even accepted help from civilians.

Remember the Texas Tower shooter? The police wouldn’t have made it into the tower without the citizens help. Citizens provided continuous covering fire so that two policemen and a civilian could get into the tower and kill Charles Whitman.

“A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.” Patton

There was no time to wait for a SWAT team.

At Robb Elementary – parents were prevented from helping their children

That the police held the parents back and prevented them from making any effort to save their children is disgusting.

Officials don’t want the people to act without government permission. No matter what the circumstances.

The parents should have taken the guns from the police and forced their way into the school. They had nothing to lose.

Instead, they listened to their children die.

Preventing school shootings …

That there are people willing to murder children is not new, but radicals in control of the schools continue to refuse to do the obvious thing.

We use guns to protect ourselves, our families, politicians, famous people, and property – because it works.

It’s insane that we don’t protect the children the same way.

Who continues advocating keeping the schools disarmed, ensuring that the children are vulnerable?

Controlling innocent people is not the solution – and it’s against the law of the land – “shall not be infringed.”

The solution is found in doing what we are free to do and not in taking freedom away from the innocent.

Prosecuting the victim …

We have to put the DAs and prosecuting attorneys on notice that their lives are on the line if they prosecute a home invasion victim for defending his life, his family, and his home. They should be seriously harmed if they try.

The people they are prosecuting are your neighbors. Defend them against these predatory, politically-motivated prosecutions.

Smith bitch-slapping Rock …

was FANTASTIC ! A real man stormed the stage and defended the honor of his lady !

Be polite or a real man might make you pay !

Facebook is censoring EVERYTHING …

that doesn’t fit the progressive agenda, calling it hate speech. We must destroy Facebook. We must make life difficult for its employees. They’ve made a decision to go along with the stifling of free speech. They are part of what’s wrong in America. Get in their faces. Make them afraid. Get them to quit.

Hurt them more than they are hurting us.

I advise you to …

remove your Biden / Harris stickers.

Results matter …

Results matter and Trump delivered. He stood tall, alone. He didn’t cave when the attacks were constant and vicious.

I think the other conservative candidates will start compromising when the the attacks become constant. I think they are malleable.

I think the other conservative candidates if they became president would have advisors urging compromise, “You want a 2nd term, right?”

Trump got rid of those people. He fired everyone who tried to persuade him to change course.

He plowed ahead and the entire country benefited because he stood fast.

Bipartisanship be damned. Compromising with progressives at all is losing.

Don’t vote for the nicest guy. Vote for Trump.

(The devil is the nicest guy you will ever meet, and he will promise you everything you want.)