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Build the damned wall. NOW !

We do not want an open border with Mexico.

Mexico is a cesspit of corruption. It’s government is a sham. It is intimidated by the drug cartels into ineffectiveness. In just the past 10 months the cartels have slaughtered over 130 political candidates who were not in league with the cartels. That leaves only cartel-approved candidates on the ballot.

We must do everything in our power to seal our southern border.

The Mexican cartels and the Mexican government are in the human trafficking business. There are towns in Mexico whose raison d’etre is drug smuggling and human trafficking.

They grant immigrants access to our border for money. These people are robbed, raped, and killed along the way. It’s good income for the cartels and government officials.

Instead of going to war with Mexico for their duplicity, I want THE WALL built with any funds we can get (public or private) and I want its existence to be broadcast throughout Central America. I want a well-equipped army manning the border while the wall is being built.

A well-built wall is 24/7 and can’t make choices. It doesn’t earn benefits or a pension. Bullets and rocks can’t harm it. It can’t be intimidated or murdered.

We do not want an open border with Mexico.

The Navy’s SeaBee’s are combat construction battalions well known for their ability to BUILD ANYTHING ANYWHERE QUICKLY and protect themselves while doing it.

Build the damned wall. NOW !


WHEN Roe v Wade is overturned …

WHEN (not if) Roe v Wade is overturned, It will not result in a nationwide ban of abortion.

It will divide the country into baby-kill states and baby-sanctuary states.

The Socialist Movement in America …

The socialist movement should frighten you.

The monsters of the world have always rallied angry people with false promises, gained power, and then made changes “for the good of all people”. After gathering the power for themselves and reducing the power of the people they committed unbelievable atrocities. All the monsters were socialists.

Don’t let socialism take root here.

The American socialists leaders are not going to join hands with the people to sing Kumbaya. They are leading the people they have whipped into anger. Do you want krystallnachts, pogroms, purges? Those are the tools of socialists in power. And you can kiss the Bill of Rights good-bye.

Close the Detention Centers …

It’s time to stop assisting the invaders.

President Trump, Close the Detention Centers …

The illegal aliens are using our immigration and criminal justice systems as a wedge to keep the door open into our country. We need to eject them from our country IMMEDIATELY, upon capture, by the officers who catch them – no processing, no detention, no separation of families members. They are all shown the door together. We should not be detaining them. Deny them the status of being detainees.

When we detain people we take on the burden of caring for them. DON’T allow that process to start. Don’t give them that status. Do not accept custody of them.

If we don’t keep them at all, we don’t need detention centers.

To do that we need a wall of people to cover the border while THE WALL is being built. We need to quickly hire many many more people to guard the border to prevent people from entering illegally, and WE NEED THAT WALL !

Most of the illegals are either from Mexico or they are coming through Mexico with the permission of the Mexican government. The Mexican government is wrong to provide access to America’s border. If we totally plug the holes in our border, Mexico will be forced to deal with the people they’ve allowed to reach our border. Motivate Mexico to do something about it.

It’s time to stop the invasion. Detention centers are just another way in.

With uncompromising conservative leadership, THE PEOPLE THRIVE

It’s Joe Sixpack, regular guy, who is benefiting from Presidents Trump’s policies. The unemployment rate is at historically low levels which means regular people (not the rich) got jobs all over the place. They are supporting their families again.

But the radical liberals don’t like people to thrive under conservative leadership. They’d rather the people were suffering. The progressives advance when people are suffering and complaining. The promotion of the progressive agenda of control is more important than creating conditions in which people thrive.

With uncompromising conservative leadership, THE PEOPLE THRIVE.

Under progressive liberal control, the progressive liberal agenda of control is promoted and the people languish.

Job creation and earning one’s own way, is the bane of the progressive liberal agenda.

Gob Bless President Trump !

The cost of higher education …

matters. Every course and teacher costs money. Every course and teacher adds to a student’s debt.

Employers, if you start to look for courses taken and the grades earned in job applicants’ résumés, and not for degrees, a new kind of college that provides a menu of courses, and not degrees, will spring up to satisfy the employers and students. Ask about a job applicant’s education, not about a costly degree.

The old, course-packed, degree-oriented colleges would be pressured to get rid of questionable, college-mandated, politically-oriented courses or lose students.

Higher education would switch from being institution-oriented to student-oriented.

American entrepreneurs, there’s money to be made there.

Someday, “I don’t have a degree. I paid for a REAL education.”

The idea that socialism is …

… a more compassionate system is a fallacy. People can be compassionate, but not governments.

When a government defines everyone’s needs, and creates a system to satisfy those needs, AND, restricts all other choices and behavior, it destroys the motivation to do anything to improve one’s own lot in life. People are forced to look to the government for any improvement. That lack of motivation stifles creativity, innovation, competition, and ambition.

Socialism is systematic restriction to control behavior. It is not compassionate.

America became great because people were expected to fend for themselves. People saw one’s lot in life rise and fall according to how hard and smart they worked. That is the exact opposite of socialism.

Socialists are like grown men and women who don’t leave home. They remain dependent children. They never become adults who move out to live on their own.