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The integrity of the voting system …

Due to my concerns about the integrity of the voting system I forwarded this video to New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu and to NH Attorney General Joseph Foster.

Don’t assume your Governor and state Attorney General have seen it or that they know of your concerns. Send it to them.

The numbers of illegal votes is significant and it matters.

Youtube link

With illegal aliens protected in sanctuary cities …

(and the entire sanctuary state of California), are the illegals voting? Are they voting multiple times? Could that be the reason to provide them sanctuary?

Think bigger.

Could the California census and Democrat voter registrations be inflated to hide the rampant, election-deciding illegal vote?

Could a strictly enforced registration process and supervision of the local, state, and federal votes would show California is really Republican?

Governor Brown is desperate. California is doubling down on resisting federal authority and even talking secession.

Think HUGE. They’re capable of it.

Regarding the reaction to President Trump closing the door …

to immigrants and travelers with visas from untrusted nations:

The President is addressing a problem everyone acknowledged but nobody wanted to ACT on. Despite the fact that terrorists have struck America after entering the country legally NOBODY did anything about it out of fear of a reaction which might destroy their lifelong political careers.

The President is taking decisive action without regard to his political future. This is “America First” in action. He knows the consequences. I’ve heard him refer to, “… my four years …”

Might this issue have been addressed sooner if term limits had already put a cap on someone’s service, who could then have freely supported corrective measures?

Without term limits on the Reps and Sens, Trump will have go this alone.

God Bless President Trump with steadfastness and courage.


A contributing factor to the current travel situation is the Liberal destruction of America’s education system, the dumbing down of America which resulted in non-competitive students entering the workforce, forcing companies to make use of H-1B and H-4 visas.

Now that President Trump is closing the door to people with visas from untrusted countries, there will be inconveniences until a vetting procedure is in place. Closing the door NOW is more important.

“If someone waited until he could do something so well that no one could find fault with it – nothing would get done.”

Watch or read the speeches yourself …

The media tries to replace what you heard, what Trump actually said, with their own commentary. Instead of accurately quoting him in context, they paraphrase and inject “the true meaning” and “the true intentions”. They then speculate on the consequences of their own twisted version.

Trump says something once. The media will replace it with lies, over and over and over.

The media calls it “analysis” and brings in experts to feed it to you.

Watch and read the speaches yourself. The truth matters.

“I am one of those bare-knuckle fighters,” …

“the sheriff stated. “When I hear people say we need to reach across the aisle and work with the Democrats, you know what I say? The only reason I’ll be reaching across the aisle is to grab one of them by the throat.
– Sheriff Clarke

He’s right. Liberals are the problem. They divide the people by race, ethnicity, and class by awarding privilege, and by pointing the finger of blame at those who do not divide the people by race, ethnicity, and class.

To conservatives, Americans are Americans, period. All rules of conduct and laws apply to us equally.

“Separate, but equal” has never worked. It was a liberal lie to keep us separate. They continue their efforts to divide us.

Progressive liberals encourage racism.

Americans who separate themselves from American society …

do so of their own free will.

You can open the door to opportunity but you can’t force anyone through.

The door is always open.

If the news anchor you’re watching …

suggests that a man screaming, “Allahu Akhbar,” (while he’s killing people) might not have any connection to Islam, and you think, “Well … uh … I suppose that could be true.” I have to ask,

Are you really that stupid? Is your mind so open that your brains fell out?

For those of you who are sheeple and just go along with the PC crowd, you’re going to have to change, because Political Correctness is history. Thinking for yourself, being honest, and expecting it from others is making a HUGE comeback.