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The idea that socialism is …

… a more compassionate system is a fallacy. People can be compassionate, but not governments.

When a government defines everyone’s needs, and creates a system to satisfy those needs, AND, restricts all other choices and behavior, it destroys the motivation to do anything to improve one’s own lot in life. People are forced to look to the government for any improvement. That lack of motivation stifles creativity, innovation, competition, and ambition.

Socialism is systematic restriction to control behavior. It is not compassionate.

America became great because people were expected to fend for themselves. People saw one’s lot in life rise and fall according to how hard and smart they worked. That is the exact opposite of socialism.

Socialists are like grown men and women who don’t leave home. They remain dependent children. They never become adults who move out to live on their own.



The People must maintain control …

The People must maintain domination over their government. If the government ceases to act in the best interests of The People and instead acts to gather power and control, The People must have arms suitable for revolution. The People are the ultimate check and balance over a government that’s gone rogue.

If the liberals can disarm America and gain control of the Government we will see a huge change in the mission of the Department of Homeland Security. Instead of looking outward for threats against America, its mission will change to protecting the government’s control over The People. The Liberals will coordinate the media and the DHS to eliminate any hint of opposition.

The Liberals have already used:

  • the FBI to conduct false investigations, fishing for anything which could be used against a conservative official or candidate,
  • the ATF to conduct Operation Fast and Furious to create a political climate favorable to more gun control restrictions, (criminals used those guns to kill many Mexicans and Americans),
  • the IRS to interfere with support for conservative candidates,
  • the EPA as a weapon of intimidation, to prevent the conduct of legitimate business, and to prevent land owners from exercising control over their own properties,
  • the executive and legislative branches of government to force upon The People an unworkable healthcare system, with coercive penalties, and hidden taxes to fund it,

    Do you have any doubt what the Liberals and their backers are willing to do to stop all opposition? What they will do to our country if they ever gain control again? How many people will they destroy to hold onto power? What things and choices will they outlaw? What coercions will they use?

    I’ve seen enough to KNOW they will ignore The Constitution.

    “I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”
    – James Madison

  • President Trump has …

    taken a sword to the liberal Gordian knot and the lefties are unraveling.

    Thank you Mr. President !

    When the liberals are going batshit crazy, somebody’s doing great work.

    On the lawn of every Capitol …

    On the lawn of every Capitol there should be a gallows.
    The gallows should have 13 steps.
    The rope should be made with Red, White, and Blue strands.

    It should be reserved for elected government officials who break their oath to Defend The Constitution.

    Our country is Great because we have a superior Constitution.

    Serve us by obeying it.


    Hereditary bondage … No !

    “We are reduced to the alternative of choosing an unconditional submission to the tyranny of irritated ministers, or resistance by force. The latter is our choice. We have counted the cost of this contest and find nothing so dreadful as voluntary slavery. Honor, justice, and humanity forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us.” We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them, if we basely entail hereditary bondage upon them.
    – Thomas Jefferson,
    JULY 6, 1775.

    It is our duty to preserve every freedom.

    The 2nd Amendment is needed. It always will be. …

    The 2nd Amendment is clear.

    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    ‘Well regulated’ means ‘properly functioning’. It has nothing to do with regulations or government restrictions. There was no government control over the militias. They functioned independently in cooperation with each other.

    The 2nd Amendment acknowledges that the militia (armed citizens) are the guardians of our free state and tasks them with maintaining it. The Amendment forbids the government to infringe on The People’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms. The very existence of the Amendment is a warning to be wary of the government, that we may someday have to use arms against a rogue government that no longer acts in the best interests of The People and threatens the free state.

    Freedom is more important, more cherished than safety. People throughout history have overthrown their oppressors by rejecting the safety of compliance, breaking the peace, and risking their lives to be free. Revolution.

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    By defeating Hillary we avoided a major fight for our freedom. But we must remain vigilant and maintain an ability to force the government to obey The Constitution and yield to The People.

    We cannot risk losing control of our government.

    It’s a kind of “Citizens Freedom Through Superior Firepower”. Hope we never have to use it.

    The 2nd Amendment is needed. It always will be.

    Could liberal fanatics in our government …

    Since the Parkland, FL shooting, everyone has been talking about the FBI, Dept of Justice’s incompetence. And then I remembered Operation Fast and Furious. That wasn’t incompetence.

    Could liberal fanatics in our government …?

    There’s a possibility that Liberal Fanatics in the FBI purposefully quashed any action against Cruz thinking another school shooting would give a push to the Liberals’ anti-gun agenda. It is consistent with the Fast and Furious scheme to get Americans and Mexicans killed with guns purchased in America to set the stage for anti-gun laws. (Those guns are still turning up at crime scenes.)

    Did the FBI employees who handled the Cruz information also have a connection to Operation Fast and Furious?

    Did ANY FBI DOJ employee say, “We have to do something.” If so that person should contact Jeff Sessions, be protected, and testify before Congress under oath.

    FBI employee, watch your back.

    The answer is YES, they could, because they already have.


    During the Obama administration, under the leadership of Attorney General Eric Holder, the ATF / DOJ conducted Operation Fast and Furious to permit “gun walking” and straw purchases in order to flood Mexico with American guns (into the hands of the drug cartels). The gunshops were ‘talked into” cooperating and keeping quiet. The scheme was uncovered when one of the guns was used to kill Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

    Before Terry’s death Mexico complained that many Mexicans were getting killed with guns that came from America. In America, the liberals (on cue) loudly campaigned for gun control which resulted in restricted sales of ARs in all the border states. The plan was working until Agent Terry was murdered.

    There are still liberals loyal to Obama and Holder and the liberal agenda in the DOJ.