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They will force us to live as they see fit

March 16, 2013

Obama, Biden, Holder, Fienstein, Reid and the other radical left would force us to live as they see fit.

The 2nd Amendment recognizes what’s “… necessary to the security of a free State, …”. To maintain a free state, citizens must be armed.

The 2nd Amendment made it illegal for the government to disarm us. Our Constitutional Right to bear arms can only be preserved by The People.

The 2nd Amendment was so important to the Founders that they put its purpose in the Amendment, and it’s the only amendment which states a purpose.

Recently, I wrote, “… Many, many citizens have military training and experience: there are huge numbers of grunts out there who have not forsworn their oath to defend the country from enemies, foreign and domestic. We are grunts, snipers, tank drivers, missile technicians, explosives experts, communications specialists, pilots, and tacticians: from privates to sergeant majors, butter bars to 4-stars, and seamen to admirals.

We are the best trained militia on the planet. …”

And, there are more being trained (and discharged from service) every day. All of them take the oath. All of them live the oath.

We will remain free as long as we don’t submit to being disarmed.

The radical left needs America to be disarmed before they drastically reduce our freedoms and force us to live as they see fit.

That’s the CHANGE.

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