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Freedom vs Security

April 24, 2013

We’ve dealt with the issue of ‘Security/Poverty vs Freedom’ from the beginning. I trust The Founders a hell of a lot more than the current bunch. The Founders did not reserve power for just themselves. They set up a system in which we could all be secure and achieve greatness without government obstacles. They expected everyone to take advantage of their new freedom and improve their lives.

The current government attitude is to step in and CONTROL anything that upsets ANYBODY. What is more disturbing is that the people turn to the government to right all wrongs.

Take care of yourselves people. I don’t want to.

If you are reading this I can imagine that you’re not on welfare and that you’ve taken care of yourself well enough that you’re living above subsistence level. If you have a generous nature, be generous. But don’t vote for someone else to confiscate my hard-earned money. I have higher expectations regarding the efforts Americans should make to take care of themselves.

Meritocracy works. People on welface (beggars) should not live as well as I do. Life should not be easy for them. My compassion has been destroyed by all the fakes and the government’s refusal to sort them out.

Hey liberals, who believe everyone with his hand out is in real need, who defend the amounts that are paid out and want to increase them even more, you go ahead and pay my taxes too.

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