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I am afraid for my country’s existence

May 13, 2013

See Sounds like treason to me. Another nail in America’s coffin. Obama and his team need to be stopped.

All I needed to read was, “… declassifying sensitive missile defense technology that [Obama] plans to share with Russia …”

If the liberals can’t see the harm that is being done to every aspect of our society, our freedoms, our strength, and the American way of life, all the things that put us head and shoulders above every nation that has ever existed – Armed Revolution may be the only way to save America.

To the Republican Leadership: Obama’s got you guys running in circles trying to put out every fire he and his crew start. And political solutions are slow and failing. You must go after Obama. You must reveal him and destroy him. This country will be brought to its knees if he outlasts you and completes his term.

I am afraid for my country’s existence.

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