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Don’t forget Hillary Clinton’s part in the Benghazi Betrayal

September 2, 2013

Don’t forget that hillary clinton, as Sec of State in the obama administration, left men to die in Benghazi. She is the future of the democrat party, and she is just as dirty as obama.

You should be reminding people all over the internet of clinton’s guilt. We can not endure any more destructive, liberal policies and actions.

This is the most audaciously corrupt administration in America’s history.

Write it on Facebook, Tweet about it, wear t-shirts, get bumper stickers.

Get in a liberal’s face and tell him his vote empowered the people who are destroying America.  Blame him for what we face today:
the hardships, higher unemployment, higher medical costs, an increasingly militarized police force,  the crimes committed by this liberal administration who laughs at the Constitution and at YOUR Bill of Rights.

Our weakened position in the world is due to liberals voting for liberals no matter the consequences.

Liberals are destroying freedom. Is that the representation you want?

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