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It’s wrong for any level of government in the United States to deny us our rights

October 22, 2013

It’s wrong for any level of government in the United States to deny us our rights. The 2nd Amendment acknowledges our right to keep and bear arms. That right can not be infringed. It’s the law of the land, of the United States.

It doesn’t state “…, except in New York City, and in the states of …”

I am a law-abiding citizen and carry freely in my state. If I go into New York City armed, I could lose my freedom for an act recognized as a national right. I wouldn’t be crossing a national boundary. I’d still be under the umbrella of the Constitution Of The United States and the Citizens’ Bill Of Rights.

Such uncomstitutional laws do not punish wrongful acts, they punish good people for acting against the local political machine. That’s a crime against all Americans.

Some state and local governments have turned the law upside down by turning rights into crimes.

The state representatives, senators, and governors who pass such laws, and the judges who enforce them should be apprehended and jailed and tried for crimes against us.

Laws should have some connection to the concept of right and wrong. It seems that many laws are passed, not to punish wrong-doing, but to control us, to limit our choices to those the elites want us to make.



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