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Chinese and Russian soldiers are coming to America. How often?

November 12, 2013

Has obama sold us out? Chinese soldiers are ashore in Hawaii this week. Is a training scenario in California next? is obama trying to acclimate us to the presence of our new keepers?

We are in debt to the Chinese by over a $trillion, which we can never repay. obama wants more money. Are these ‘training scenarios’ a condition to loan him more?

Remember, we are dealing with obama, the deceiver. He has the audacity to try ANYTHING to make radical, fundamental changes in America.

Has a Chinese Trojan Horse arrived in Hawaii this week? There, more than anywhere else in America, a few of them can more easily blend into the communities. Have all the soldiers been hand-picked for their fluency in English? Among them will be intelligence officers specially trained to take advantage of the situation. They have an opportunity to meet with their spies in person.

Did you know that our governments have agreed to expand the current system of defense exchanges and joint exercises?

Last year, obama invited Russian “Airborne Assault Forces” to Colorado for similar drills.

obama has ‘more flexibility’ now.

Every liberal is connected to whatever obama does.


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