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The blame for policy cancellations goes to …

November 14, 2013

Many liberals have absolutely refused to admit that the insurance companies were forced by obamacare to cancel policies that didn’t conform to the obamacare guidelines.

The libs said the big bad insurance companies were entirely to blame for the cancellations.

But in today’s press conference, obama decreed a ‘fix’. The insurance companies are no longer required to cancel such policies, and people can keep the policies they had for another year, after which they will be forced to conform to the ACA.

So, obamacare forced the cancellations, and will force them again in a year.

Remember, this thing is falling apart just on the cancellations of the individual policies. The majority of Americans get their health coverage through their employer. The mandate for employer coverage to conform to ACA starts next year. So the employer and individual cancellations will happen RIGHT BEFORE THE MID TERM ELECTIONS.

obamacare is finished.



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