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November 26, 2013

Someone said to me, “Israel and US interests are not the same, and that possible harm could come to the US out of an attack on Iran. Israel is hot for such an attack.”

I say: Israel has shown great restraint, hoping that the US would maintain, or even increase the sanctions against Iran. But obama and kerry have let up on the sanctions.

Israel, more than anyone, realizes what attacking Iran would mean. But what choice do they have now? Their choice is either allow themselves to be nuked, or face a conventional retaliatory strike after they destroy Iran’s bomb-making program.

Iran could have the bomb soon. How long will it be before it’s used. Leaders change. Coups occur. Powerful fanatical groups, with suicide bombers seeking eternal glory, want that bomb. It’s presence will destabilize the region even more.

Israel’s and America’s interests are the same in this:

Iran can’t have the bomb.



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