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Inequality of Effort

December 5, 2013

Lately, obama has been talking about inequality. He doesn’t mention that an individual’s effort affects the results.

Opportunities: No one’s going to tap you on the shoulder and point them out to you. They’re there if you look. They’re there if you don’t close your mind to them.

Results: That’s up to you. Most will live comfortably without assistance when they sincerely try, and keep trying. Some will absolutely thrive and become wealthy because they work smarter and put more effort into the opportunities that come from constant effort. Some will refuse to look for the opportunities around them, refuse to make the effort to improve their lives, and loudly demand that the inequality be corrected. Relatively few truly need long term assistance due to real disability. And, they try to be as independent as they can.

Effort matters.

The situation you find yourself in now was determined by the decisions you’ve made over a long period of time.



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