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Expect more decrees that do not have the force of law

December 13, 2013

obama, sebelius & co are issuing decrees. The latest one is that the sign up period has been extended to Dec 31st and that the insurers should approve applications as late as Dec 31st so that coverage will be in place on Jan 1st. AND, that even if an application has not been processed, and a premium has not been paid before a claim is submitted, the insurer should cover the cost.

These decrees have no force of law.

The insurers are between a rock and a hard place: to obey the law or do what obama says.

Their lawyers will tell them to obey the law. Not just because it’s the law, but because there is going to be a huge insurance/doctor/hospital clusterf..k and they’ll want to point to the law to defend themselves.

“We had no choice but to obey the law.”

obama & co will do everything they can to deflect blame despite the FACT that the destruction of the system is entirely the fault of the liberals. The vote on obamacare is recorded history.

Expect more decrees that do not have the force of law.



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