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Long time trespassers …

January 26, 2014

These long time criminal trespassers don’t get away with it on their own.

Their stays are made possible by the actions of the government officers and employees who openly and illegally assist them.

Do you know a government employee who helps them get assistance? Talk to her about it. Ask her why she is making matters worse for America.

It’s not faceless agencies doing this. Individuals are doing it. Your neighbors. Let them know how you feel.

Hiring illegals? You’re a big part of the problem. It’s an oft-quoted lie that there are jobs Americans won’t do.

A functional border security force, lead by people concerned about our sovereignty and working in America’s best interests would solve the problem. We have the capability and we have the people willing to do it.

We need to remove obama and his people from all offices. Every last one of them.

With the right president, we could secure our borders in one day.


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