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obama will someday declare …

February 11, 2014

Based on his past actions, I believe that before his 2nd term is complete Obama will risk impeachment and declare, that in order to get things done he must disregard a Supreme Court decision which impedes his agenda.

He has already stated he will disregard Congress and use executive orders to rule. The Judicial Branch is his only remaining obstacle.

“This is my last election … After my election, I have more flexibility.”

“I Can Do Whatever I Want.”

He and his believers are a danger to freedom in this country.

But there’s hope. There is a reawakening of Revolutionary Spirit in America.

People are questioning and sometimes openly resisting the control the government and its agencies have over us.

We the People are building momentum and I think we can regain the freedoms we have lost due to apathy, misplaced trust, and coercion.

Vote a straight Republican ticket.

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