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obamacare – some things to watch for

April 2, 2014

This morning I read an article about mammogram testing:

“More Doubts About Mammograms’ Value Are Raised in Large Study”

A large study published Tuesday adds to the growing body of research concluding that screening mammograms save relatively few lives from breast cancer while discovering many cancers that wouldn’t have caused problems if left alone.

[ end excerpt ]

My comments:

For decades we’ve been told to “do this, do that, test for this every year, test for that every five years, get your doctor to do this and that” – when it was on our dime.

I think there’s going to be a huge reduction in public service announcements advising to get tests. Many preventive tests that have saved lives, as in the above article, will be questioned and downplayed.

Watch for:

  • reductions in the recommended frequency of: full physicals, colonoscopies, prostate testing, pelvic exams, etc.
  • government objections to / interference with publications in respected medical journals.
  • a decrease in government-funded R&D in the medical industry
  • obamacare – just one of the CHANGEs liberals voted for.

    P.S. The above article cites a study by the British Medical Journal. The UK has a single-payer healthcare system.

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