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Black market economy is necessary to repair the damage …

May 15, 2014

Get angry, people. The government is spending more money than you can possibly earn, and it wants a bigger cut of what you worked hard for. The cut it claims for itself interferes with how you spend and care for your family. It will confiscate more and more of what you earn, and claim they need your money to ‘care’ for the ‘have nots’. (The ‘have nots’ must outnumber the ‘haves’ several times over). The government hasn’t and never will make any effort to determine who DOESN’T NEED assistance. The ‘big government’ people SCREAM bloody murder when an effective way is proposed to identify fraudsters. But we can count on them to create more categories of ‘have nots’ and the taxes to fund them. As a result, YOUR money is FLOWING unrestricted out of your control.

So, go underground. Find a way to make cash money off the books. It’s the only way the real earners in our society have a chance to get ahead. Employers, pay cash. Store owners, take cash. Shop locally. Stop the paper trail.

We need the help of a President and an Attorney General who would refuse to prosecute income tax avoidance. ‘Right Size’ the IRS and have all of them them work part-time with no bennies.

The economy would skyrocket and the federal government would assume its proper, diminished role. State and local governments would become more important in our day to day lives.

I am dissatisfied with the federal government. I want it to get out of the way. I WANT THE PEOPLE TO THRIVE, and an over-taxing, over-regulating federal government is our greatest obstacle.

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    Easier said than done. I agree, the taxes are wasted by government but, the market for anything not tallied, is nil unless you want a career pushing a lawn mower. If caught, say your name is Pedro, and that you are an illegal resident. Then you keep your tax free job and, get welfare, food stamps, a free cell phone, beer, cigarettes, lottery tickets, and whatever else…

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