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obama is America’s most destructive enemy …

October 30, 2014

He works from the inside against an America who doesn’t know how to deal with him.

We all know he intends to irrevocably change America by throwing open the doors to everyone who wants in. The flood will be unstoppable. Once in, they will require the ‘extra’ wealth of all Americans in order to care for them, feed them, clothe them, and house them.

The millions will immediately become welfare recipients. There aren’t enough jobs for the Americans who are already here.

The wealth you have worked so hard for, to put your kids through school, to save for your retirement, to live at a level that is better than ‘hand to mouth’ will be taxed away. obama will put America into deeper debt and you will be forced to pay the interest on that debt.

Your 401Ks, IRAs, and Roths are not safe from an Executive Order to confiscate them.

You say he can’t do that. Yes he can. It’s just that no president in this country has ever tried. He believes America’s wealth should be redistributed – all of it. He has the audacity.

The new Americans will be issued IDs to fit in and get all the benefits. They will vote. Some states have already started issuing IDs. Many non-Americans are already voting, openly.

Your freedoms, your voice, your votes, your choice of representatives all mean nothing to a man who has decided to govern by executive order.

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