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I hate liberalism …

November 24, 2014

How many leeches do you know? Are there any in your family? Do you defend their RIGHT to my money by saying that the ‘haves’ have too much and a lot should be confiscated through taxes? Do you defend the ever-growing number of social spending programs that get their money from me?

I hate liberalism / socialism. People should carry their own weight. Do you rely on politicians to take my money from me and give it to you, your family, and your friends? You do it that way anonymously so you don’t have to look me in the face. You damned coward.

I’ve worked hard for what I have. I’ll have to work my entire life, not because I’m doing poorly, but because too much of what I earn is confiscated to support the leeches in our society. Do you have any idea how much money they’ve taken from me over the years to support the leeches? The only result I’ve seen is that MY FUTURE is being threatened.

A person’s situation is the result of the decisions made in his past, over a long period of time. Do the people you know really make an effort to be independent? Or do they pray for a cost of living increase in their welfare (which will come from me!).

Our society was made great by people doing what they had to do when there was no safety net. Now, people’s efforts are being undermined, not by the existence of the net, but by people who gain power by selling that net as a replacement for carrying one’s own weight. To do it, the politicians MUST destroy pride, and then blame and punish the successful.

I hate liberalism / socialism. It destroys wealth and undermines the pursuit of it.

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