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Tax Fairness …

January 19, 2015

Tax Fairness should start by taxing those who pay none, and reducing the taxes of those who pay a disproportionate, unfairly high amount.

I want those who pay no taxes to the face the consequences of raising taxes on themselves. – of having their wealth taken away ‘for the good of the nation’.

Corporations are not avoiding taxes – they are obeying a very convoluted set of patchwork laws that even the writers and enforcers don’t understand. The tax laws are written to reward certain things done ‘for the good of the nation’ with tax credits.

Are you finding fault with those who obey the law?

We all use lawyers to make sure we pay only what is owed. So do you. So do the corporations.

Everybody who knowingly pays more taxes than owed, more than your lawyer says you owe, raise your hand.


The government creates the tax credits, and then disingenuous people who know what’s going on, rally the people to protest against the ‘bad’ corporations and the wealthy for not ‘paying their fair share’. AND YOU KNOW IT!

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