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Liberals Fear Conservatives. They Fear Everything …

February 7, 2015

Liberals (spit) don’t care that their man is weakening America. He’s not a Conservative, and that’s all that matters to them.

Because – They fear Conservatives. They Fear The Individual. They Embrace The Herd.

They fear the independent, problem-solving, risk-taking, American traits which put us on top of the world. It’s too chaotic to have everyone living their lives independently. Liberals believe no one should have an advantage over another. No one should fall behind. They believe it’s a permanent condition. No one should get ahead. They believe it’s a permanent condition.

People with values frighten them. Free people frighten them. Freedom to fail frightens them. They think there should be no ‘sticks’, only ‘carrots’. Liberals can’t take care of themselves. They want to outlaw failure. They need help. They can’t live without supervision. They depend on the government for guidance. They believe their neighbors need your money, and they vote for the people who will confiscate it and pass it around. Liberals believe Joe Six Pack must be controlled because a free American is unpredictable. He might get ahead of them or he might fail. Everyone should have the same stuff. They believe Americans should be limited to government-approved choices in their day to day lives. They believe one’s effort shouldn’t decide one’s standard of living. They want a plain vanilla world, gift wrapped and handed out to everyone.

I know this about them because they vote for representatives who legislate in that direction.

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