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obama will intensify his campaign to transform America …

April 7, 2015

obama and his people are attacking America from all sides. The rule of law has been discarded. All ‘American’ standards are being destroyed. The executive branches of the federal government and the leftist states are blatantly acting against the will of the people, and against the oaths they took to preserve and protect the Constitution. Our Freedoms of Speech, Religion, Privacy, and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms are under constant attack.

States right are in jeopardy. In their quest to dominate the 50 states and make moot the differences between them, the federal agencies’ progressive officers create overriding federal regulations which are against the will and best interests of The States.

The executive branch is defying Congress and openly announcing which laws it will enforce, and which laws it will violate.

obama is undermining our relationships with our allies. He is reducing sanctions against governments openly hostile to the United States and our allies.

When confronted by irrefutable facts of their misdeeds they double up on their lies. In every press conference, questions are deflected. There is no hope they will be answered directly and honestly.

The greatest danger America faces does not come from outside, our greatest danger is an obama desperate to finish what he started with the time he has left.

obama and his people must be removed from power.

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