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Gun Confiscation – liberal media testing the waters …

January 15, 2016

The liberal media, obama’s propaganda arm, is floating the idea of Gun Confiscation to gauge the response.

Anyone who says that totally disarming the American people through gun confiscation is not the liberals’ goal is lying. It’s their dream. They’ll start out with a very specific list of ‘unnecessary’ firearms and categories of people. Get everybody used to the idea. Get them to think. “I don’t have one of those. I’m not one of those people. I have nothing to worry about.” Then the list will be expanded to include more owners. Incrementalism. Divide and conquer.

We can’t let it start. Period.

Consider creating calling trees in your communities to summon the armed assistance of your neighbors to interfere and prevent the confiscation. Send the agents back where they came from empty handed, disarmed, and unharmed if they cooperate.

The obama administration and his followers are dreaming about the crime they will commit against the American People. They will scream that any armed response by The People is a crime.

The major fundamental changes they want for America will be much easier to enforce against our will, and they will fear no consequences, if we can be disarmed.

Keep your weapons ready and near. Be ready to answer the call.

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