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PEOPLE ! America is being dismantled …

April 12, 2016


obama is a traitor. Some of your neighbors voted for him TWICE ! Get in their faces !

All the signs were there: his drugs, his crimes, his outright lies, his past, his ties, his heroes, his mentors, his quotes, his book – they ignored all of it. So many red flags and yet they voted for him. What does that make them?

The boldness and fanaticism of obama’s minions are accelerating. Who knows what will they do with his quiet endorsement in the time he has left? We know he will disavow their actions and enjoy what they accomplish.

I know the nature of everything they are attempting – they are working against American freedom. Our foes all over the world are enjoying the show.

And, at the end, who will he pardon and release into our society?

We blame you, liberals ! We know who is at fault.

There are crimes being committed to elect another false American, hillary. The honesty of the election process has been shattered. Why? Because a thorough investigation by a totally Republican government (with no DOJ to run interference) will expose corruption at many levels (even among the Democrat-lite party, the GOP). The people will demand it.

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