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Regarding the reaction to President Trump closing the door …

January 28, 2017

to immigrants and travelers with visas from untrusted nations:

The President is addressing a problem everyone acknowledged but nobody wanted to ACT on. Despite the fact that terrorists have struck America after entering the country legally NOBODY did anything about it out of fear of a reaction which might destroy their lifelong political careers.

The President is taking decisive action without regard to his political future. This is “America First” in action. He knows the consequences. I’ve heard him refer to, “… my four years …”

Might this issue have been addressed sooner if term limits had already put a cap on someone’s service, who could then have freely supported corrective measures?

Without term limits on the Reps and Sens, Trump will have go this alone.

God Bless President Trump with steadfastness and courage.


A contributing factor to the current travel situation is the Liberal destruction of America’s education system, the dumbing down of America which resulted in non-competitive students entering the workforce, forcing companies to make use of H-1B and H-4 visas.

Now that President Trump is closing the door to people with visas from untrusted countries, there will be inconveniences until a vetting procedure is in place. Closing the door NOW is more important.

“If someone waited until he could do something so well that no one could find fault with it – nothing would get done.”

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