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The Liberals’ lie machine is in overdrive …

May 17, 2017

The Liberals’ lie machine is in overdrive. Maybe they think they can spin President Trump into resigning.

Meanwhile, back in reality, he’s reversing almost everything the previous administration did, repairing the harm. The Dems are watching all the controls, regulations, and revenue sources they put in place being wiped out.

They were easier to undo than anyone ever thought.

Hence, the dems’ frenzied attacks.

But most importantly – the Dems must get rid of Trump before he can appoint another Supreme Court Justice. Their fear of that cannot be overemphasized.

As the time approaches for another Associate Justice to be nominated, we will see just how far the Dems will go.

Can Associate Justice Ginsburg stay awake long enough for the liberals to hound Trump out of office?

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