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In countries where gun ownership is restricted …

February 18, 2018

In countries where gun ownership is restricted, the governments always pass more restrictions and enact more oppressive controls affecting businesses and everyday life. It’s always a package deal. Gun control is never the only thing they do to the people. The people of those countries lose control of their governments.

We’ve already had a taste of the liberals’ attempts to impose controls.

Obama and the liberal congress forced unworkable healthcare and restrictions and fines down our throats. In other actions he deliberately and openly bypassed the legislative process because he knew he would be stopped. By bypassing the legislative process he shielded the liberal lawmakers, and cut The People’s connection to the legislative process.

His minions throughout government, the media, activist groups, and mobs: tried to control TV and radio broadcasts, interfered with the voting of servicemen overseas, intimidated conservative voters at the polling stations, used the IRS to suppress support for conservative candidates, used the EPA to stop job creation, tried to stop all displays of religious beliefs in public, and more.

The citizens’ Bill of Rights is used by the progressive liberals as a list of what needs to be destroyed for them to gain total control. The progressives lie when they take the oath of office. The oath is nothing to them.

We are in a simmering civil war – It’s the Americans against the liberals.

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  1. As a human being, my first response is sadness and prayers for victims of the Florida school shootings. My second response is one of incredulity! This case firmly proves that the laws that prohibited students or staff from acting out the principle of self-defense defined by the 2nd amendment made them sitting ducks to a murderer. Further, those who restricted their rights want to also take away access to firearms that can equal the bad guys?!? Further still, pop culture actually thinks that an AR 15 is the same as its fully automatic military version instead of being a semi-automatic.
    Beyond this level, the FBI failed 2x to follow up on very direct terroristic threats by the shooter on Facebook. Although they can record every keystroke made by American citizens, they somehow were not curious even when warned by a concerned citizen. The true fascists propose that we entrust the unalienable right of self-preservation to them after this display of their laws and law enforcement agencies from failing to restrain criminals.
    Not a trust builder.
    It’s very sad to see how blind many of my most educated friends are to the concept that criminals look for easy targets and instant gratification. Conceal carry laws put doubt in criminal minds because they don’t know who actually has deadly force that could counter theirs. Perhaps those who made laws restricting Floridians from protecting their own lives from the lawless ones also need to go to trial?

  2. Notwende permalink

    Anyone doubting these words is welcome to visit Germany, Austria or Sweden…

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