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Close the Detention Centers …

June 25, 2018

It’s time to stop assisting the invaders.

President Trump, Close the Detention Centers …

The illegal aliens are using our immigration and criminal justice systems as a wedge to keep the door open into our country. We need to eject them from our country IMMEDIATELY, upon capture, by the officers who catch them – no processing, no detention, no separation of families members. They are all shown the door together. We should not be detaining them. Deny them the status of being detainees.

When we detain people we take on the burden of caring for them. DON’T allow that process to start. Don’t give them that status. Do not accept custody of them.

If we don’t keep them at all, we don’t need detention centers.

To do that we need a wall of people to cover the border while THE WALL is being built. We need to quickly hire many many more people to guard the border to prevent people from entering illegally, and WE NEED THAT WALL !

Most of the illegals are either from Mexico or they are coming through Mexico with the permission of the Mexican government. The Mexican government is wrong to provide access to America’s border. If we totally plug the holes in our border, Mexico will be forced to deal with the people they’ve allowed to reach our border. Motivate Mexico to do something about it.

It’s time to stop the invasion. Detention centers are just another way in.

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