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It has become clear that …

November 10, 2019

President Trump has done nothing wrong. He’s doing such a great job that the Dems Libs Socialists can’t compete. (In fact they promise to undo everything that has resulted in a great economy and job creation. They promise to harm America to get us back on the March To Socialism.)

Trump has done nothing wrong.

It was America who committed the high crime of REJECTING HILLARY and electing Trump. The Dems Libs Socialists can’t charge America with a crime. So they are trying to remove our choice. They are afraid. They KNOW America will do it again. They know Trump will remove more government obstacles to America’s greatness.

The liberals among us attack conservatives everywhere for the high crime we committed in 2016. They get violent. They attack people in restaurants. They attack children in schools.

The Liberals in congress are attacking Trump for 2016. Their conspiracy to impeach President Trump predates anything the president is accused of, rendering the origin of all evidence against him questionable. The media spews misinformation about Trump non-stop.

End Progressive Liberalism ! End the anti-American dream of Socialism and continue reversing what the Dems Libs Socialists have done to America.

America 2020 !
Trump 2020 !

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