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Violent illegal aliens are being released into our communities, sheriffs say …

March 1, 2020

Violent felons who face deportation are being released into Illinois communities, sheriffs say.

Are they released at the gates of the jails and prisons? Couldn’t the people in a state volunteer to stand rotating watches to interview/photograph the felons as they leave, determine who is an illegal or send the photos to ICE? The government can’t do everything. If it really bothers you, do something about it. Turning them into ICE is the right thing to do. Find a way how.

Maybe a bounty could be paid for a name and a time of release. If the info is good and it results in capture by ICE we can pay a bounty to a PayPal account. I’m sure there are some good prison employees who have the information and don’t want those people released. Develop a relationship with ICE.

Don’t just accept the harmful, politically-driven policies of your local government. Find a way to defeat them.

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