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Sanders’ Nightmare for America …

March 5, 2020

I spent 21 years in service protecting America from the socialist/communist threat. Some of my teachers were people who risked their lives to escape what Sanders envisions for America.

The free world could only watch as socialist / communist leaders took control by violence and subdued their populations with murder, fear of arrest, and fear of being sent to reeducation camps. We watched the socialists / communists build walls manned with machine guns and bordered with minefields to keep people from escaping. Sanders CHEERED the communists. He wants that control in America.

Sanders didn’t visit Florida and speak to the Cubans who ESCAPED. He didn’t go to Scandinavia for his inspiration.

Instead, while people were risking their lives to ESCAPE the Soviet Union, Sanders went there for his honeymoon. He went to Cuba and got the red carpet government tour by Fidel Castro and came back singing its praises. (Castro and Che Guevara personally murdered many political prisoners after Castro took control. )

Sanders still praises Castro.

Sanders and the people who vote for him are a menace to our freedom. They would establish that nightmare in America.

The liberal-controlled edu system is responsible for several generations of ignorance that led to Sanders candidacy. The system purposefully omitted the histories of oppression in socialist / communist countries for fear it would undermine progressive liberalism. The younger generations have been prepped and are ripe for Sanders.

Having seen the harsh measures used by fanatically liberal governors to enforce unconstitutional, oppressive laws, we’ve seen how far they are willing to go. With presidential backing their audacity would be unrestricted. What new departments would Sanders create?

Pol Pot, Stalin, Khrushchev, Mao, Castro … The monsters are Sanders’ role models.

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