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Relinquish ALL of the extraordinary powers …

April 21, 2020

In many parts of America the authorities are pushing The People into a corner.

We are used to Law Enforcement Officers protecting us and working to defend us. That seems to be changing. LEOs are being ordered to exert control for control’s sake.

The People are armed.

Many of us have sworn to protect The Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. We take our oaths seriously.

We have gone into harm’s way for our country’s sake far from home. The motivation to fight for American Freedom on American soil will be high if we are provoked too far.

Mayors, governors, president – we expect that you will relinquish ALL of the extraordinary powers that you have granted yourselves when the situation allows it.

Because we will LIVE FREE OR DIE !

Guerilla war, sniping, rebellion, revolution, patriots, domestic enemies, Tree of Liberty.

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