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Full Scale Civil War – when?

July 9, 2020

When the elections are postponed, or canceled, or if the results are disregarded – CIVIL WAR. If the Socialists win and take away our freedoms – CIVIL WAR.

Trust in government is gone. Trust in the media is gone. The might of the pen is gone. War will decide the future of America.

When Americans start shooting socialist officials, legislators, community leaders and their hordes, will we be considered American freedom fighters or will the media portray us as murderers? You know the answer to that.

We won’t be fighting ‘rioters’. They are the democratic socialist army. They are led and funded by people you see on TV and in the media everyday.

Local, state, and federal officials, councilmen, and legislators, along with network executives, anchors, newscasters, and the moneyed men behind them are the agents of America’s destruction. They will be targets. Most of the people quietly masquerading as democrats are guilty of supporting socialism and condoning the violent destruction of America. Their votes are telling. Don’t leave them out.

Individual cops and national guardsmen will have to make a decision. Whose side they will fight on?

No matter what you hear in the media, it will not be a law enforcement issue. It will be a war to decide whether Americans remain free or whether we live with the boot of socialist control on our necks.

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