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They WILL Do It Again.

July 10, 2021

This administration has shown that they are not administering the laws to serve us. They are trying to hold us down and take the country from The People.

They broke the election system which is the only way we can make changes to our government peacefully.

Patriots should think about how they can engage in guerilla warfare and how to make weapons and ammo. The situation is not that bad now but … we should know how. When this administration sees that they are about to lose power … you have seen that they are capable of doing things we wouldn’t think possible in America 20 years ago.

Start researching. In addition to learning how to make weapons and ammo, start thinking about how you can make IEDs and how to set them off from a distance with wireless fireworks igniters (look for ‘4 cue fireworks igniters’). Just think about it. When you learn how to make guns and ammo you will realize that making IEDs is as simple as making a cake. Using drones as a delivery system is also easy. You know how our military took out Soleimani? We can do that too.

If the democrats use violence again to control us we must be able to counterattack effectively.

The left has many tens of thousands of people who have already murdered and burned cities across the country.

If called upon – They WILL Do It Again.

Don’t tolerate it. WIN !

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