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Centralizing control …

July 23, 2021

Switching to electricity from fossil fuels will have the result of centralizing control of energy and movement.

Once converted, the government can turn off power anywhere. (Police routinely cut off power to entire neighborhoods to isolate bad situations.)

Vehicle chargers can be set on timers and be made available when city, county, state, federal governments see fit. They can be turned off as long as the government thinks it’s necessary to control a situation. Rolling blackouts. If the government doesn’t want us to go anywhere there’s no need to put up thousands and thousands of road blocks. They just turn off the chargers.

As it stands now, power to travel is available to everyone at any time from many many vendors and there is competition to get your business. You can build up supplies of gasoline and diesel.

Heating and cooling of homes and businesses would come under the same control.

Governments shouldn’t have that kind of power.

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