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Rittenhouse wasn’t the only one on trial …

November 19, 2021

The right to defend yourself and your community was on trial.

Arming yourself and standing against destructive mobs, defending a community, is not vigilantism. The Kenosha mobs were the ones acting criminally.

Property, livelihoods, and dreams are destroyed when police are the only ones responding to a riot. Police don’t stop the rioters from doing it. They arrest them after they’ve been identified, which doesn’t prevent the destruction.

Standing armed against a mob is the right thing to do.

Mayors and Chiefs of Police don’t have the right to say, “Stay away. Don’t get involved. Let them destroy everything you’ve built. That’s what insurance is for.”

It took a 17 year old to show the men of America the right thing to do.

Will you answer the call to arms when a community comes under attack or will you watch it on TV?

God Bless America.

God Bless The Founders and Our Constitution.

God Bless Kyle Rittenhouse.

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