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When the monster comes …

June 4, 2022

Armed teachers, right there with the children, are the only ones we can count on to be there when the monster comes. The response time is ZERO when the victims are armed. The teachers are courageous. They will fight. They’ve proven that.

Politicians and the MSM want the schools to remain vulnerable. They will not consider any measures that do not disarm tens of millions of people who will never harm anyone. Dead children and teachers are valuable tools in their anti-America agenda.

Teachers, take control of the children’s safety NOW by arming yourselves – even if you have to do it in secret. It’s the right thing to do.

In Charleston, West Virginia shorty after the Uvalde shooting, Dennis Butler started shooting a rifle into a group of people gathered for a celebration. An armed woman in the crowd killed him with a handgun. She stopped him before he could harm anyone. She won. You can too.

Maybe you didn’t know about it because the politicians and MSM didn’t like that story. The idea that you can defend yourselves and others undermines their government-centric agenda.

You have to buy a gun, practice, and carry it never knowing whether you will need it. Being prepared is like that. But it’s the right thing to do. Thank God that woman did.

The more good guys among us with guns the safer we will be.

Take control.

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