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obamacare proponents …

December 3, 2013

refuse to admit that their solutions involve an infringement of freedom for those who do not want it or need it. Unsuitable health care coverage is being imposed on people who were satisfied with what they had.

There is no wrongdoing in paying as you go, or buying the level of insurance you want. But the proponents dish out punishments to those who do it.
Coercion is their way.

When the government reduces the freedom of one group in order to provide for another, we all lose. They are chipping away at America.

The ‘needs’ of the poor are being used to infringe on America’s freedom. ‘Needs’ do not trump rights.

We must find solutions that don’t harm American freedom.


America’s needy – do you have any doubt that their numbers and condition are constantly exaggerated to gain support for what the government is doing?
Lying is their way.

Find a solution that isn’t a coercive takeover.



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