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I’m going to take action on my own …

May 3, 2014

In his Saturday morning address, obama said that, if ‘Republicans in Congress refuse to act …

“… I’m going to take action on my own …”

He and all his supporters reject the limitations THE CONSTITUTION places on the Executive Branch. They reject the checks and balances of Congress and the Supreme Court.

When confronted by irrefutable facts of their misdeeds and crimes, liberals double up on their lies. In every press conference, questions are deflected and there is no hope they will be answered directly and honestly.

The greatest danger America faces does not come from outside, our greatest danger comes from progressive liberals desperate to finish what obama started with the time he has left. They have their rogue president in place now, to destroy America, to replace it with a socialist state.

obama and people of his ilk must be removed from office.

The people who vote for liberals know what they’re doing. The harm is OK to them. Let them know how you feel about it.

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