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Hillary Clinton will never be president

May 5, 2014

Hillary and Benghazi


  1. She was Secretary of State. She was in charge. She was Ambassador Stevens’ boss. Arranging security for him and his staff was her job.
  2. In 2012, prior to the attack which killed Ambassador Stevens:
    • The US consulate in Benghazi was bombed.
    • There was an attempted assassination of the US Special Envoy to Libya.
    • The International Red Cross in Benghazi was attacked.
    • The US consulate was bombed again and leaflets were left saying more attacks would come.
    • The British Foreign Office withdrew all consular staff from Benghazi.
  3. She dismissed all requests for additional security, instead …
  4. She CUT security as the anniversary of 9-11 approached.
  5. During the attack, she made no attempt to help her people. Military personnel wanted to try. Their requests were denied.
  6. Ambassador Steven’s diary DOCUMENTED his concerns about security.
  7. She lied about “a video”. She kept the lie alive, even to the faces of the men’s families.
  8. She silenced witnesses and kept the press away from them.

But, “What difference does it make!”

This – She will never be president.

Prior to the election in 2016, the people who covered for her will be testifying under oath. No longer in office, she will be in no position to guarantee their immunity. As the investigation goes on and on the witnesses will ‘regain’ their memories. There’s no way scores of people can coordinate their testimony to help her position.

By November 2016, when Obama is packing up his things and has no power, everything will already have unraveled.

Hillary Clinton will never be president.

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