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Politicians, newscasters, and billionaires in America who push policies …

June 3, 2014

that weaken America face no real consequences.

The liberals who support them also face no consequences.

obama is harming America with every word he speaks. He is destroying America with his executive orders and his domestic and foreign policies and actions.

Someday, admitting support for obama and his ilk will be very foolish … even dangerous … rightfully so. They knew what they were doing. They saw the results. Their stated intentions and their results could not be more opposite. Yet they continued.

Judge them. Hold them accountable.

Liberals, I know harm when I see it. It’s built into your agenda. Everything you do TAKES from someone else, TAXES someone else, RESTRICTS someone else, REGULATES someone else.

American self-reliance is anathema to you.

Supporting obama’s CHANGE makes you the enemy. You are the destroyer of my liberty.

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