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How many of you try to …

June 16, 2014

talk to liberals about current events? If your experience is like mine, every question is deflected, every liberal failing is defended, or even applauded as an achievement.

How many of you Liberals believe that Lois Lerner’s subpoenaed emails were deleted ‘accidentally’? Do you tell people it was an understandable error? That it happens all the time? You probably don’t talk about it.

Liberals, I blame you for all the crap that’s going on these days, and for all the harm that obama and people like him will do to my country.

You are accessories to his crimes. You put him in power. You give him cover. You create excuses. You refuse to admit the harm that’s being done. You lie in our faces.

Stop it.

Liberals will continue as long as we let them get away with it. They expect no consequences will come to them personally. They think the fight takes place only in the capitol or on the news. Get in their faces.

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