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We must create consequences …

June 17, 2014

to punish people who harm America, who destroy liberty – law by law, regulation by regulation.

The liberals recognize the harm, and continue to support the politicians who lead America downhill.

Why does the liberal leadership continue on the path to America’s destruction? Deep down they hate the freedoms, values, and institutions that made America an enviable place and leader of the world. Freedom is chaotic. Liberals chase an orderliness that doesn’t exist in a free society. In a free society, people can make their own choices to benefit themselves and their families. The freedom to make a choice that does not support liberal ideology is anathema to liberals.

In a free society, there are winners and losers. Liberals celebrate the losses and reward the losers.

When told about the great successes in America, many liberals look for ways to attack the achievements, to rewrite history and teach falsehoods to our children.

The liberal leaders are losers who would take us down with them. Turn your back on them.

Support those who promote individual achievement and the freedom to attain wealth.

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