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The government under obama …

December 17, 2016

was the originator of the most harmful fake news, and the media were willing partners in the divisive, disruptive, destructive CHANGE.

How broad was the scope of the disinformation the media disseminated? For the past eight years they have been very loyal propaganda tools for the radical progressives. They fed us lies and they attacked truth when it did not support THE CHANGE.

The CHANGE included attacks on everything we held dear. There was no aspect of our lives that wasn’t under assault: Our Freedoms of Speech, Religion, Privacy, and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms were under constant attack. The government, through the progressive media, attacked anyone for comparing results to their stated intentions. To them only the agenda mattered. We were told that: judging others for their crimes and making comparisons to good people was cruel, competition was evil, your employers are your enemy, America was founded by evil men …

They tried to replace everything we knew with progressive truths and thinking. They indoctrinated our children into THE CHANGE using the education system.

Time after time, what we were told clashed with our sense of right and wrong and with reality.

What will we discover about the past eight years without the constant barrage of disinformation, distractions, and cover-ups?

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