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All the things that Trump …

December 9, 2016

is doing now could have been attempted by obama.

obama didn’t even try.

He had more important things to do, like smuggling foreigners into the country and hiding them. Under obama, the welfare of Americans takes second place to the rest of the world.

The contrast is very revealing. It shines a spotlight on the failure that was obama’s presidency.

God Be With Us. We have a country to repair.

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  1. What Trump’s doing seems strange to a lot of people. But in reality, Trump seems to be reverting back to an American model when America was vital, energetic, and was a global force for good. After decades of American-haters and middle-of-the-roaders, we have a president who openly touts the good of America, and advocates for policies (including in foreign relations) that actually look out for, and benefit the American people. Too bad we didn’t get Trump instead of Obama in 2008. The recession might have indeed been of the v-bottom variety, and America’s economy would be eight years ahead of where it is now.

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